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What are fuel cards and how do they work?

14 May 2024

Managing fuel expenses is more crucial than ever in the current world when transportation is necessary for a wide range of organisations. Companies looking to maximise their profitability must consider fuel prices since they play a significant role in transportation expenses.

In this attempt, fuel cards have proven to be an effective tool, providing expedited fuel transactions and lowering administrative costs. These cards give businesses efficiency and convenience by making it simple for them to monitor and control gasoline expenditures. At Pluxee, we recognise the importance of fuel cards in modern business operations and offer our Multi-Benefit suite to streamline fuel management for businesses and employees alike.

Key takeaways 

  • Fuel cards simplify the process of purchasing fuel, providing companies and employees with ease and efficiency while reducing administrative hassles.
  • Fuel cards offer improved security, control, and convenience in tracking and managing gasoline costs. They also grant access to an extensive network of petrol stations. 
  • Pluxee's Employee Benefit Suite empowers employees by simplifying fuel expense management and enhancing overall financial well-being through personalised benefits, tax savings, and convenient payment options.
  • Consider factors like acceptance network, fees, and additional benefits when selecting the best fuel card to ensure optimal cost savings and benefits for business use.

Definition and functionality of fuel cards

Fuel cards serve as specialised payment or reimbursement cards specifically tailored to streamline the process of purchasing fuel for vehicles. Functioning akin to credit cards, fuel cards facilitate the transaction process at petrol stations. Upon filling up their vehicles with petrol or diesel, users proceed to the kiosk for payment using the fuel card. The card is either swiped by the attendant or inserted into a chip and PIN machine, much like conventional credit cards. This seamless transaction process enhances convenience for users while providing businesses with an efficient means of managing fuel expenses.

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Benefits of fuel cards 

Fuel cards offer multiple advantages for businesses and users alike, revolutionising the management of fuel expenses and enhancing operational efficiency.

Simplified tracking and management 

By eliminating the need for cash transactions or reimbursements, fuel cards streamline the process of tracking and managing fuel expenses. This simplification reduces administrative burdens and ensures accurate record-keeping.

Enhanced security and control

Fuel cards offer businesses heightened security and control over fuel expenditures by allowing them to assign cards to specific users or vehicles. This measure mitigates the risk of theft or misuse, providing peace of mind to businesses.

Vast acceptance network

With a widespread acceptance network, fuel cards can be used at numerous fuel stations across the country. This extensive coverage ensures users have convenient refuelling options regardless of their location or travel route.

Access to detailed reporting

Fuel card providers offer online portals or mobile apps that furnish users with detailed transaction reports and analytics. These tools empower businesses to track fuel consumption effectively, analyse spending patterns, and make informed decisions regarding their fleet management strategies.

How to use a fuel card? 

Are you ready to make the most of your fuel card? Here's a simple step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction:

Arrive at a participating petrol station

Pull up at a petrol station within your card's network coverage. These stations are typically designated by the fuel card provider and can vary depending on the card you have.

Fuel up your vehicle

Fill up your work vehicle with the required amount of fuel. Take advantage of the convenience of your fuel card to easily replenish your vehicle's tank without the need for cash or personal payment methods.

Present your fuel card

Approach the petrol station cashier and present your fuel card for payment. This step initiates the transaction process and ensures that your fuel expenses are directly billed to your employer or business account.

Enter your unique PIN

When prompted by the point of sale (POS) terminal, enter your unique PIN associated with your fuel card. This additional security measure ensures that only authorised individuals can access and use the card for fuel purchases.

Transaction processing

Once all necessary information is provided, the cashier will proceed to process the payment using your fuel card. Sit back and relax as the transaction is swiftly completed, with your fuel expenses seamlessly billed to your employer or business account.

Authorise the transaction

Before finalising the transaction, you may be asked to authorise it with a signature. This serves as confirmation of the purchase and ensures accountability for the fuel expenses incurred.

Unlocking financial wellness with the Pluxee Employee Benefit Suite

As a renowned provider of employee benefits solutions, we introduce the Employee Benefit Suite, designed to empower you and simplify the management of fuel expenses Our suite includes a range of benefits tailored to enhance financial well-being, with fuel reimbursement being a prominent feature.The Pluxee Employee Benefit Suite offers unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and relief from administrative burdens for employees managing fuel expenses. Our suite equips you with the tools to effortlessly track and manage your fuel costs, contributing to your overall financial health and stability.

Through our Employee Benefit Suite, both businesses and employees can benefit from streamlined fuel expense management across the organisation. By utilising our suite, businesses can optimise processes, enhance employee satisfaction, and drive success.

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Explore the advantages of the Pluxee Employee Benefits Suite

Discover the diverse advantages of our holistic employee benefits package, tailored to enhance your overall well-being.

Personalised employee benefits

At Pluxee, we offer a wide range of benefits including meal, fuel, telecom, wellness, learning, and much more. Tailor these benefits to suit your diverse needs, fostering a culture of appreciation and care.

Tax savings

Boost your take-home salary by up to 1 lakh annually through tax-savings benefits offered by us. Maximise your satisfaction while optimising tax liabilities for both you and your organisation.

Tailored gift card

Our 2-in-1 hybrid card, accepted across Rupay merchants, offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Enjoy the freedom to choose your preferred mode of payment, enhancing your overall experience.

Simplified administration

Our platform allows you to effortlessly customise benefits and usage to perfectly align with your company policy. By reducing administrative burdens and ensuring compliance, we simplify the entire process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Check card balance

Manage your benefits effortlessly with the Pluxee India app, India's highest-rated employee benefits app. Monitor your card balances, transactions, and usage on the go, providing you with greater control over your benefits.

Convenient payment options

Enjoy convenient payment options with us including swipe & pay, scan & pay, tap & pay, and online payments. Empower yourself with diverse payment methods, enhancing your purchasing experience.

Industry-leading compliance

At Pluxee, we leverage cutting-edge technology to drive 100% compliance with industry regulations. Rest assured that your employee benefits programme meets the highest standards of compliance and governance.

Way forward

Choosing the best fuel card is crucial for effective management of fuel expenses. Factors such as acceptance network, fees, customer support, and additional benefits play a significant role in determining the suitability of a fuel card for your needs. By carefully considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can select the best fuel card that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements.

Whether you are an individual seeking a fuel card for personal use or a business looking to streamline fuel expense management for your fleet, making an informed decision ensures optimal benefits and cost savings in the long run.  

Discover the seamless solutions offered by Pluxee’s Employee Benefit Suite. Take the next step towards simplified processes, improved employee satisfaction, and driving success. Join us today!

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1. How are the benefits determined on the Pluxee card?

The benefits you can avail on the Pluxee card are decided by your company's HR department. The eligibility and benefits may vary for different employees based on the company policy. For further clarity on your eligibility, please reach out to your HR department.

2. Do I need to carry multiple cards for different benefits?

No, with the Pluxee card, there is no need to carry multiple cards. Employees can avail of all their benefits, including meal, reward, fuel, telecommunication, office wear, and more, on just one card.

3. How can I manage my expenses and claims with the Pluxee card?

The Pluxee benefits suite offers 100% paperless management of spending and claims. Additionally, you can download and use the Pluxee India App on your smartphone from any Play Store/App Store (Android/iOS) for convenient management of your card and benefits.

4. How can I save on taxes with the Pluxee card?

The Pluxee card offers tax savings of over ₹1,00,000 a year for every employee. Additionally, you can enjoy additional savings of ₹8,000 through exclusive deals. These tax-saving benefits are designed to maximise your take-home salary while optimising tax liabilities for both you and your organisation.