Pluxee benefits suite

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Empower your employees with

Our range of benefits

Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Meal


Office wear Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Office wear

Rewards Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)


Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Book & periodicals

Book & periodicals

Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Fuel


LTA by Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)


Telecom Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)


Driver's salary Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Driver's salary

Administer new-age benefits like

Health & wellness Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Health & wellness

Learning & Development Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Learning & development

Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Gadget & Equipments

Gadgets & equipment 

Explore the unique facets of our employee benefits suite

Personalised employee benefits - meal, fuel, telecom, wellness, learning, and much more
save Taxes with Pluxee(sodexo)
Tax savings - boost employee take home salary by 1 lakh annually
Tailored gift card Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)
2-in-1 hybrid card accepted across Rupay merchants
Simplified administration Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)
Simplified administration - customise benefits and usage to match your company policy
Check card balance with Pluxee(Sodexo)
Pluxee IN app - India's highest rated employee benefits app to manage card on-the-go
Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Multi-modal ways
Convenient payment options - swipe & pay, scan & pay, tap & pay, online payments
Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Industry leading compliance
Industry leading compliance - leverage cutting-edge technology to drive 100% compliance
Pluxee Sodexo meal employee card / benefit

Empower your employees with the most comprehensive benefits suite.

Unlock a world of employee benefits designed for success.

Our choice-centric benefits models

Allowance Model

Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Card loading

Step 1

Company loads money into employee’s card in advance as per set eligibility

Employee avails benefits by Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Step 2

Employee avails benefits by spending via Pluxee IN app or card

5-min card ordering with Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Step 3

Employee uploads bills on Pluxee IN app or Pluxee consumer portal (optional)

Reimbursement Model


Step 1

Employee avails benefits by spending via cash or personal cards

Order card in 5 mins. with Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Step 2

Employee uploads bills on Pluxee IN app or Pluxee consumer portal


Step 3

Pluxee verifies the bill & approves spends based on company policy


Step 4

Amount is then reimbursed to respective wallet

Hassle-free digital on-boarding, card ordering and usage

Quick & easy process

Digital onboarding with Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Step 1
Digital onboarding

Simple & 100% digital client onboarding process

Order card in 5 mins. with Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Step 2
5-min card ordering

One touch ordering on the Pluxee client portal

Configure benefits with Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Step 3
Configure benefits

Configure benefits as per employee eligibility

Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Card loading

Step 4
Card loading

Company makes payment to Pluxee, benefits are loaded to wallet upon payment realisation

Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Card activation

Step 5
Card activation

Employees receive instructions to digitally activate the card and complete KYC


Can I use my Pluxee card as soon as I receive it?

When you receive your Pluxee card, it is in an inactive mode for security reasons. The card must be activated before usage.

What is the 2-in-1 card?

The Pluxee card is an innovative, reloadable, 2-in-1 pre-paid card that comes with a 3-year validity. It consists of 2 cards:

  • One card for the meal benefit
  • Other card for all other benefits like fuel, telecommunication & data, rewards, LTA, office wear, books & periodicals, driver salary, health & wellness, learning & development, gadget & equipment and many more.

Is the card validity same for all benefits?

Yes, the card validity is 3 years for both the cards.

What benefits am I eligible for?

The benefits you can avail on this card is decided by your company HR and it might be different for different employees depending on company policy. Please reach out to HR for further clarity on your eligibility.

How do I use this card?

"A) Meal benefits: Swipe the card at Pluxee affiliated meal merchant outlets across India for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages only. 

B) Other benefits: Insert the card at RuPay accepting outlets to use your other benefits like fuel, telecommunication & data, rewards, etc."

Is there an App I can use to manage the card?

Yes, please download and use the Pluxee IN App on your smartphone from any Playstore/Appstore (Android/iOS).

Can I use this card online?

"Yes. The card linked to Meal wallet can be used on portals of Pluxee affiliated meal merchants. Please use the card details printed on the ‘Meal’ section of the card to make payments. The Other benefits can be used on portals accepting RuPay cards. Please use the card details printed on the ‘Benefits’ section of the card."

Is my card secured by a transaction PIN ?

Yes, the Pluxee benefits Card is a PIN-based card. You can generate a SuperPIN on your own using the Pluxee app. This SuperPIN is dynamic and generates every two minutes.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

On loss of the card, you can easily block your card using the Pluxee IN app in just a click.

Open your Pluxee IN app, go to ‘Settings’, click on your Card and turn on the ‘Block temporarily’ button to prevent transactions on your card. You can also reach out to Pluxee customer service team. The lost card will be blocked, and the available amount would be issued to the cardholder in a replacement card only after the cardholder requests for a replacement card.

I need more help.

Please contact customer support on 022 6919 6919 / 022 4919 6919, or write to us at

How do I opt for Pluxee benefits suite for employees?

To choose Pluxee benefits suite for your employees, please get started by filling in your details here – Contact Us

Is there a minimum employee requirement to partner with Pluxee?

Pluxee benefits suite is a 100% digital and 100% flexible employee benefit solution. You can choose the benefits of your choice as per employee grades or organization’s needs. There is no minimum employee requirement for choosing the employee benefit solution.

What is the advantage of selecting Pluxee benefits suite for employees?

Pluxee benefits suite offers a host of benefits to your employees:

  • 100% paperless management of spends and claims
  • No need to carry multiple cards
  • Employees can avail all their benefits like meal, reward, fuel, telecommunication, office wear and many more on just one card
  • Tax savings over ₹1,00,000 a year, for every employee
  • Additional savings of ₹8,000 through exclusive deals
  • Greater freedom of choice to enjoy meal benefits with India’s largest meal network and other benefits over RuPay’s nationwide network

Where can the benefits be used?

Pluxee benefits suite is the most innovative employee benefit solution which helps you deliver all employee benefits on one card and app. This is India’s only card, that works on two networks for greater freedom of choice of your employees. 

  • Pluxee’s proprietary meal network spread with 1,00,000+ unique points of acceptance across 1,800+ cities including popular food portals for employees’ to use their meal benefit 
  • RuPay’s vast network spread across 50 lakh+ retail outlets and 90,000+ portals for employees to enjoy their non – meal benefits like fuel, telecommunication, office wear, books & periodicals & many more