Leveraging technology for effective merchant partnerships

Businesses thrive on innovative partnerships & collaborations...

Cyber Security

Solutions for Building Cybersecurity Resilience

Cybersecurity is a subject of relevance for all businesses...

Navigate the future

Navigating the future of employee-employer relationship dynamics in remote work scenario in India

India has recently experienced a significant shift towards remote work...


Employee experience through the lens of the new generation

The importance of employee experience has taken centre stage in recent years...

Gifts that inspire- Elevating employee well-being and engagement in workplace

Gifts that inspire: Elevating employee well-being and engagement in workplace

In a world where many gifts are given out of obligation...

Inclusive & Sustainable Consumer Behaviour: Future Of Retail

Inclusive & Sustainable Consumer Behaviour: Future Of Retail

Retailers must prioritise inclusivity, community involvement, and sustainability to stay competitive...


Building brand resonance for the next generation of consumers

Companies must stay attuned to emerging...

management Pluxee (sodexo)

The Evolving Responsibilities of the Modern Day CFO

The role of the Chief Financial Officer or CFO has been evolving rapidly...

Meeting Pluxee (sodexo)

Boost employee engagement in hybrid work environments of 2023

The future of work continues to evolve towards increasingly flexible, hybrid and virtual...

Payment gateway Pluxee (sodexo)

FinTech trends to lookout for in 2022

The Indian FinTech sector has witnessed substantial growth in the past few years...

Key Trends Pluxee(Sodexo)

Key Trends Shaping the Future of Employee Experience in 2022

Emerging employee experience challenges in the latest version of ‘normal’

Evolution Pluxee (sodexo)

The Evolution of the Food Retail Landscape

The constantly evolving lifestyle demands of the consumer have always been an essential...

Branding Pluxee (sodexo)

The Role Of Personalisation & Storytelling In Brand Building

Through storytelling, brands create an opportunity to connect with their target audience at...

Mailing Pluxee (sodexo)

What Is Your Employee Festive Gifting Strategy This Year?

Every employee looks forward to their employer's acknowledgement of their efforts in meeting...

Pluxee(Sodexo) People

HR Strategies To Improve The Quality Of Employees’ Lives

Business leaders are faced with unprecedented challenges posed by volatility,

Christmas Celebration Pluxee(Sodexo)

Reimagine Incentives and Rewards for Employees this Christmas

The pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in organizational functioning, but business leaders...

SME Pluxee (sodexo)

5 Things Small Business Owners Should Do as We Unlock

Presently as parts of the nation hope to begin loosening up lockdown measures,...

Paytm Pluxee(Sodexo)

Kirana Stores 2.0: QR codes, contactless, mobile payments; digital transactions at core

India is undoubtedly unique when it comes to retail grocery stores and over...

Win Win Pluxee(Sodexo)

Purpose-led organizations and their ability to navigate crises

Amidst the chaos of the Covid-19 crisis, if one thing has become crystal...

Hybrid Pluxee (sodexo)

Working from home: Role of digital employee benefits in remote working environment

Work From Home: Domestic interruptions or family and home-related tasks can be a...

Technology Pluxee (sodexo)

Technology: The way out for businesses during Coronavirus outbreak

While Covid-19 is sure to transform the way the world learns and works,...

market Pluxee (sodexo)

For a b2b brand marketing needs to have a deeply symbiotic relationship with sales

Marketing for a B2B brand is becoming more personalised than ever before. Sounds...

Pay Day Pluxee (sodexo)

Beyond equal pay

How organizations can elevate experiences for her at workplaces with new-age employee benefits.

Happy User of Pluxee(sodexo)

Key principles of re-designing benefits and rewards

In an exclusive webcast conducted by People Matters and Sodexo, experts shared the...

innovation Pluxee (sodexo)

Innovation should be an evolution, not a revolution

Silicon Valley is often used as the case study for engaged employees. Whether...

education Pluxee (sodexo)

From employee wellness to wellbeing- The New Indian Express

In the current workplace milieu, the narrowed focus on physical and mental wellness...

Take a break by Pluxee(sodexo)

The New Meaning Of Taking A Break

With the surge of the millennials and Gen-Z’s came a transformation in the...

future of workspace by Pluxee(sodexo)

Future of Workplaces and the Role of Technology

Digital has moved centre stage, playing the lead role in the workplaces of...

travel Pluxee (sodexo)

Effective Planning for a stress-free vacation

If I were a medicine man, I should prescribe a holiday to any...

Fortune Work Plan Pluxee(Sodexo)

What Indian millennials look for in a job

Indian millennials prefer employee perks more than financial benefits in a job, says...

Tax saving Pluxee (sodexo)

What Are the Tax Implications for SMEs in 2019

The MSME sector in India continues to be the second largest employer and...

Meetings Pluxee (sodexo)

Changing landscape of rewards and recognition strategies

It is important for organisations to motivate employees by rewarding them when they..

Equality Pluxee (sodexo)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: A Key Differentiator For Enhanced Employee Experience

Employees with diverse backgrounds still face biases, discrimination, and similar forms of disadvantages...

Work at Pluxee (sodexo)

Paving the Way to Thrive in the Future Workspaces

The pandemic has fundamentally altered how businesses operate by getting everyone to adapt...

Pluxee (sodexo)

Why Should SME’s Use Social Media Marketing?

The high usage penetration has transmuted social media into a powerful tool for...

Quality of life Pluxee (sodexo)

Here’s how the employee benefits industry changing

The needs of millennial workers are very different from previous generations; the interesting...

Freedom Chosen Pluxee (sodexo)

Have the freedom to choose

This Independence Day, organizations can set themselves free from boring gifts with new-age...

AI Pluxee (sodexo)

Leveraging HR Tech to Drive Business Transformation

Over the past 18-20 months, corporates experienced the introduction of digital workspaces and...

Cloud Technology Pluxee (sodexo)

Why should SMEs look at Cloud Technology?

Hailed as ‘modern day electricity’, cloud technology is revolutionizing the face of business,...

Stocks Pluxee (sodexo)

We believe in keeping our consumers at the heart of everything that we do

The success of businesses centers around anticipating and meeting customer needs.

Taxation Pluxee (sodexo)

Optimizing Your Taxes With New-Age Employee Benefits

When it comes to optimizing taxes and post-tax returns, the Finance Act –...

Paytm Pluxee(Sodexo)

Key Trends Shaping the Digital Payments Landscape

By the year 2025, the share of real-time payments volume in overall electronic...

Pluxee(sodexo)connecting people

Diversity and Flexibility Are Key Drivers For Organizational Growth

With hybrid working, it is crucial for leaders to get employees to row...

Order Food with Pluxee(Sodexo)

Transforming Food at Work: The Power of Food to Build Superior EX

Transforming Food at Work: The Power of Food to Build Superior EX

Meetings Pluxee (sodexo)

Managing Employee Experience in the WFH Age

When the Covid19 pandemic hit us, organizations of all sizes made a quick...

Technology Pluxee (sodexo)

The 7 ‘A’s of Customer Service During Crisis

At times like these, customer service becomes a key pillar for any business...

Pluxee(Sodexo) Meal Pass

Sodexo Meal Pass: The Preferred Meal Benefit of Employees

From the cash/ coupons of yore to the e-wallets of today, paying for...

Gst Pluxee (sodexo)

GST: Evolution, impact on businesses and latest changes; here’s how it affects you

A value-added tax levied on goods and services sold in the country, GST...

tech Pluxee (sodexo)

Tech measures to keep Employees motivated during Work from Home

The breakout of COVID 19 and the consequent lockdown has forced organisations to...

Tax Guide Pluxee(Sodexo)

A guide to choose between Old and New tax regime

Here are some of the guiding factors in deciding which tax regime will...

2020 Trend Pluxee(Sodexo)

New-age B2B marketing trends for a new decade

The new decade will also see the convergence of experience in B2B and...

bounus Pluxee (sodexo)

How technology is helping the employee benefits space

The tech-savvy, adept employees of today view benefits from a perspective of personal...

AI Pluxee (sodexo)

Adopting a data-driven approach to enhance EX

One of the biggest positives of a data-driven approach is facilitating informed decision...

Technology Pluxee (sodexo)

Here’s what true independence means in the workplace

Freedom is the ability, power or right to act, say or think whatever...

diversity Pluxee (sodexo)

Diversity and inclusion: A business imperative and a differentiator

Through its internal study Sodexo finds gender balanced teams outperform the ones which...

Project management Pluxee (sodexo)

Following an “Employee-First Strategy” for Organizational Growth

With the changing dynamics of the new workplace of today, the demands organizations...

women power Pluxee (sodexo)

Women at the Work – old work policies, administered differently

The journey towards women empowerment and gender balance at workplace has begun, but...

employee motivation Pluxee (sodexo)

Personal Branding Lessons from Larger-Than-Life Brands

Think of the larger-than-life persona of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres or Steve Jobs;...

Tax saving Pluxee (sodexo)

New-Age Tax Saving Instruments for 2019

Irrespective of the changes brought about by a new budget, there are options...

top benefits Pluxee (sodexo)

Top employee-benefit trends in 2019

Changing demographics, digital disrupters and technological innovations have become the norm...

Employee engagement Pluxee Sodexo

How can HR Facilitate Fun at Work?

As the lines between work and life blur, the growing influx of the...

Employee Technology Pluxee (sodexo)

How to use employee personas to improve workplace experience

Tailoring your employee engagement strategy to the needs of employee types can help...

Digital Marketing Pluxee (Sodexo)

Best Digital Marketing Trends for B2B Marketers this Festive Season

Guest Column: VP - Marketing, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India writes about...

Pluxee(sodexo) Retail Technology

Retail Technology: 5 Key Trends for 2023

Retail technology encompasses innovation and digitalization in physical retail..

Peace Pluxee (sodexo)

Employee Wellbeing Trends and Best Practices

Evolving workforce and expectations around wellbeing unfolds...

cyber security in Pluxee(sodexo)

Cybersecurity in the digital payments ecosystem

Cybersecurity is not a one-time solution but an ongoing process that must be...

Developing Pluxee (sodexo)

Employee Wellbeing: A Key Dimension in Rewards and Recognition

It has been over a year and the definition of the ‘new normal’...

Hybrid Pluxee (sodexo)

HR Technology and its Impact on Hybrid Workspaces #industryspeak

Although technological advancements in the field of human resource management have proven to...

Cloud Technology Pluxee (sodexo)

How can businesses ensure safety in the growing cloud computing environment?

India’s cloud computing market has been witnessing significant growth since 2017

Hifi Pluxee(Sodexo)

Team Spirit: A Powerful Tool to Drive Organizational Growth

There is no doubt that the strength of an organization stems from the...

Technology Pluxee (sodexo)

A CFO’s Perspective To Rebuilding Businesses Post The Current Crisis

Here are some critical elements to the COVID response strategy for organizations, and...

brain storming Pluxee (sodexo)

Digitization and Automation of Employee Benefits to Scale Business

Digitization and Automation of Employee Benefits to Scale Business

Dark Web Pluxee (sodexo)

Recalibrating Employee Experience in the Post-Covid World

The Covid recovery phase is defined by several changes that will not just...

togetherness Pluxee (sodexo)

CXO View To Managing Businesses Effectively Through A Pandemic And Post Pandemic

Creating simulations and sharing them through comprehensive digital dashboards help highlight

Technology Pluxee (sodexo)

As it becomes clear that work from home is here to stay, companies must rethink sales strategies

Many organizations are contemplating WFH for a greater part of the year, and...

Online Tax Filing with Pluxee(Sodexo)

5-Step Guide to Help Choose Between Old Vs New Tax Regime

While under the old tax regime the salaried individuals can continue paying taxes,...

Income Pluxee(Benefits)

Salary restructuring: Why is it important for corporates?

At the threshold of the final quarter in the financial year, Nilesh knew...

vacation mode by Pluxee(sodexo)

Using Vacations As An Employee Engagement Tool

Offering short vacations or staycations at regular intervals can become an effective &...

AI Pluxee (sodexo)

Leveraging technology for better business productivity

The increased availability of user-friendly technology and its extensive use is enhancing business...

Digital Gift Card Pluxee(Sodexo)

Digital gift cards: The perfect solution for your festive gifting needs

Here is why digital cards is the emerging trends in the employee gifting...

education Pluxee (sodexo)

Work from home spikes productivity: Study

The survey asked several interesting questions. One was on how open employers were...

meal benefit Pluxee (sodexo)

How work-related travel has created a unique new branch in the food industry

Work and business purposes are two of the most common reasons for travel....

Pluxee (sodexo)

Sodexo Maps Food Eating Habits Of Millennials

Sodexo's internal study report has found out key trends about what are Indian...

AI Pluxee (sodexo)

Artificial Intelligence: Breaking all myths and suspending beliefs

A very distinct problem has been hovering over the workplace for decades: employee...

management Pluxee (sodexo)

Conflict management with the millennials

Given the diversity in today’s workforce and the differences — in attitudes, approaches,...

Top Tech Trends Pluxee(Sodexo)

Latest Tech Trends of 2018 Taking Over SMEs

70% SMEs have either zero or negligible online presence, and just about 2%...

retain Pluxee (sodexo)

Why Sodexo Retains 98% of Its Clients

In today’s competitive scenario, it’s a constant struggle to retain/ gain market share....

Tax saving Pluxee (sodexo)

Make GST Work for You – Tips for Organizations on Making the Best Use of GST

Digitisation of business/operations will not only ensure compliance with the GST requirements but...

Budget Pluxee (sodexo)

Impact Of Budget 2018 On Salaried Class

While leaving the income tax slabs unchanged, the budget saw the introduction of...

Technology Pluxee (sodexo)

How Tech Companies can Opt for Employee Benefits at their Fingertips

The ultimate promise of technology is to make us the master of a...

Employee engagement Pluxee Sodexo

Engage better with your millennial employees with digital festive gifts

Corporates are also recognizing the growing need for acknowledging the superior creativity, passion...

Take Frequent vacations with Pluxee(Sodexo)

Take Frequent Vacations – Make The Most Of Your Leaves During Festivals

Every culture in the world is hallmarked by its feasts and festivals. The...

Seven emerging Pluxee(sodexo)

Seven emerging workplace trends to look forward to in 2020

The new decade has just begun, heralding new beginnings, concepts and ideas in...