Who are we?

A global leader in employee benefits and engagement

About Pluxee

The leading global employee benefits and engagement partner that opens up a world of opportunities to help people enjoy more of what really matters.

We believe that living life to the fullest means making the most of every moment and sharing experiences with the people we care about. To make these experiences meaningful, fulfilling, and personalised, we combine our 45+ years of experience with the agility and energy of a next-gen brand. The result is an exciting mix of 250+ products that give employees more freedom in the choices they make every day across 31 countries – from restaurant meals to culture, incentives, and gift vouchers.

Pluxee in India

In India, Pluxee, formerly Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services, is a fully digital provider of employee benefits and engagement solutions. We're in partnership with 11,000+ companies spanning public and private sectors. With a solid foundation of 26 years of expertise and trust, our employee benefit solutions are meticulously crafted with sophisticated technology, aimed at enhancing work dynamics and nurturing a highly motivated workforce.

At the heart of our digital-first approach lie two powerful suites: the employee benefits suite and the rewards & recognition suite. In the employee benefits suite, you'll discover an array of offerings – spanning meals, fuel, telecom, learning, well-being, and much more, all neatly packed into a single card and mobile app. Our celebrations and rewards & recognition suite boasts the celebrations card, perfect for festive gifting, and the rewards card, designed for ongoing rewards and recognition programmes.

In the present day, we reach out to millions of individuals every day, spanning 1,800+ pin codes across the nation. Our array of solutions is thoughtfully designed to create a positive & sustainable impact on the lives of our 3.5+ million consumers and businesses of our stakeholders.