Enhancing ‘Quality of Life’ is not just a mission we embrace at Sodexo; it is what defines the character of our company. The underlying values in everything we do, from the solutions we deliver to our focus on creating lasting value and experiences for our employees, make Sodexo ‘A Great Place to Work’.

We believe, improving quality of life leads to positive employee attitudes, increased productivity, and intrinsic motivation while offering impetus to organizations to gain competitive advantage and profitability. As the world leader at 100+ services, we promise to create great quality of life experiences by integrating our Food services, Facilities management, and Employee Benefits businesses to drive a sustainable future.


In India, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services is a 100% Digital Employee Motivation & Benefits solution provider, partnering with 11,000+ companies across the public and private sectors. With 25 years of expertise and trust, our Employee Benefit Solutions are designed using sophisticated technology to help organizations improve the way they work and develop their best-motivated workforce.

Our digital-first employee benefit solutions include Sodexo Meal Pass, Resto Pass and Cafeteria Pass under Meal Benefits. In the Incentives & Recognition space we offer Sodexo Premium Pass Celebrations for gifting on festivals & special occasions and Premium Pass Rewards for ongoing rewards and recognition programs.

Our latest offering is Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass, the all-in-one digital employee benefit solution, that helps organizations deliver multiple employee benefits like meal, fuel, telecom, learning & development and much more on a single card and next-gen mobile app.
In 2019, with an aim to continue to bring the best offerings to the market, we merged our employee benefits business with Zeta, a modern banking tech company. With this partnership, we strive to elevate and deliver superior experience to the employees of organizations availing our suite of solutions. Our partnership brings together Zeta’s next-gen technology and Sodexo’s service commitment to empower employees with complete control to manage their benefits digitally.

Today, we reach out to millions of consumers everyday across 1,700+ small towns and cities, nationally with our range of employee benefit solutions that are designed to positively impact the lives and businesses of our clients, consumers, and merchant partners.