Welcome to Pluxee Experiences

Endeavoring to provide quality of life se

Welcome to pluxee Experiences

Endeavoring to provide quality of life services, Pluxee has always been at the forefront scripting unforgettable experiences. Meals, Gifts, Rewards or Other Benefits, Pluxee delivers maximum choice, freedom, flexibility and convenience through its extensive network and next – gen mobile app. Pluxee Experiences celebrates these delight-worthy moments embraced by our consumers across India. From transforming workplace experiences with new-age benefits to treating its cardholders with a thoughtful gift, Pluxee wishes to reimagine your everyday moments. Catch a glimpse of such alluring moments made possible by fans of Pluxee!

Your Card, Your Experiences

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Jasminder Singh's Sodexo Meal Card Experience

Jasyn, the ‘extrovert on a bike’ JS FILMS recently visited Easyday Club and shopped for food items with his Sodexo Meal Card. Here’s a capture of his day-ride on his superbike. So if you’re a foodie who loves bike rides, watch and share the video now! Do tell us your meal experiences at your favourite eateries with #MyMealsWithSodexo.

Pluxee(sodexo) meal card

Nikhil Chawla

Make every meal count with Sodexo Meal Card. @nikhilchawla's meal buddy helped him savour adelicious meal @SuravieRestaurant

Share your favoruirite food moments with your mealtime buddy using #MyMealsWithSodexo

Sarah Hussain Pluxee(sodexo)

Sarah Hussain

Here’s @zingyzest getting a taste of the best and forgetting the rest! Switch to Sodexo Meal Card as delicious surprises await you! Have you got your Meal Buddy yet? Send us your stories on #MyMealsWithSodexo. Follow, Like and Share now!

Pluxee (Sodexo BRS) Rahul Kalra Experience

Rahul Kalra

Who doesn’t love shopping for food items when you get great quality products at unbelievable prices, at your doorstep? Be smart like @thestreetstalkers who ordered some food items in just a few minutes from @BigBasket and paid via #SodexoMealCard. If we’ve made shopping easy for you, do tell us your story with #MyMealsWithSodexo in the comment section below.

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