Meal pass Pluxee(Sodexo)

Sodexo Meal Pass: The Preferred Meal Benefit of Employees

24 August 2023

From the cash/ coupons of yore to the e-wallets of today, paying for meals at the workplace have come a long way. Today’s employees have a multitude of ways to pay for their food. However, in the digitally transformed organizations today where most of the employees are used to the convenience of single-click shopping, Meal Passes have become the most preferred payment mode. Offering employees an effortless way to spend their meal benefits wherever and whenever they choose to, Meal Passes have become popular across demographics of employees and employers.

Pluxee Meal Benefit

Leading the way in this democratization of meal payment is Pluxee, with its ubiquitous offering - the Pluxee Meal Benefit. Pluxee has been the undisputed leader in this segment for a long while now – with a range of offerings catering to different needs. Its Meal Pass has in many ways revolutionized the way employees across the country pay for meals in their offices. Cash is passé; e-wallets come with the inconvenience of needing to be pre-loaded and with the various frauds being unearthed every day, people don’t prefer to pay via cards for small payments. Hence the popularity of these personalized meal passes. These are prepaid instruments issued by Pluxee to its client organizations; who in turn, offer it to their employees as a part of their Meal Benefits Programme or compensation structure.

What does the Pluxee Meal Benefit offer?

A secure PIN-based card with 3-year validity, the Pluxee Meal Benefit is a smart card that’s easy to use and offers tax savings to employee.  The card comes with a nationwide network of 1,00,000+ unique points of acceptance across 1,700+ cities. Besides office cafeterias, the card is accepted at most food outlets, large retail chains, grocers and popular online food portals, giving employees unparalleled freedom of choice regarding where and when they want to eat. What’s more it offers users multiple modes of payment from swiping their card to QR-based payments to NFC-based payments in corporate campuses. The only catch – the Meal Pass can be used only to buy food items and non-alcoholic beverages, to ensure compliance.

For organisations the employee benefits are plenty. Pluxee Meal Benefit can be customized based on specific needs of the organization and its employees. Its administration is extremely convenient thanks to an integrated web tool, that streamlines the process of ordering and managing employee benefits. A dedicated 24x7 customer support team helps in real-time query management and the industry-leading proprietary network and in-house security experts ensure that user data is secure at all times.

No wonder then that the Pluxee Meal Benefit is trusted by more than 11,000+ public and private sector organizations in India. 3 million consumers across 1700+ towns and cities in India are already leveraging the benefits of Pluxee Meal Benefit.

Pluxee Virtual Meal Pass introduced for employee welfare during the Lockdown:

In these unprecedented times of lockdown, when ‘Stay at Home’ is the mantra for safety, Pluxee has shown utmost agility and created a Virtual Meal Pass to ensure seamless service to clients and their employees. The Virtual Meal Pass is supported by a next-gen app to manage benefits on the go. With a complete contactless application and issuance process, it enables organisations to continue offering meal benefits to their employees even while they are at home, to ensure continued access to healthy and safe meals from its proprietary meal merchant network.

In addition to the Virtual Meal Benefit, Pluxee has also added collaborations with more and new merchants to deliver safe & hygienic food during these challenging times. From groceries and daily essentials to restaurants, the newer merchants have been carefully chosen to ensure safety and security is guaranteed for all consumers.

Suvodeep Das, VP Sales at Pluxee (Sodexo BRS India) says “Corporate India has been going through a rapid digital transformation. Keeping pace with it, Pluxee’s Virtual Meal Pass allows organisations to empower their employees with complete freedom of choice. The assured security of transactions, complete control over implementation and the wide network of merchants make Pluxee Meal Benefit the most preferred employee benefit of corporate India. The Virtual Meal Pass is an endeavor from our side to ease the lives of our customers during these times.”