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Quiet Quitting: How to Prevent & Combat it at Work

25 August 2023

Recent discussions of "quiet quitting" – a buzzword that means employees only complete tasks that are strictly in line with their job description – concerned many employers about whether their teams are willing to go above and beyond.

The number of disengaged workers is rising, a trend that was catalysed during the great resignation wave of 2022. Over 54% of Indian workers, in general, feel burned out, according to a Slack report. With rampant inflation, concerns relating to compensation have come to the surface. This has put retention and engagement of employees— especially those in entry-level jobs — in the limelight, so the fight is to bring compensation as per the market trends. Increasingly, HRs are under immense pressure to buck this trend. The first step in battling it is realising "what it is." So let's understand what quiet quitting is all about and learn about the various strategies to go against the grain and shield the workplace from its ramifications.

What is Quiet Quitting?

Quiet quitting is a work style that involves not abruptly leaving a job but instead performing precisely what the position requires, nothing more and nothing less. It's the equivalent of being mentally checked out but still physically present. If the actual goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion are to increase employee engagement and belonging, drive innovation and generate greater value for the company and all its stakeholders, then quiet quitting should be attended to with urgency by the business leaders.

How to Prevent Quiet Quitting?

Although quiet quitting may only be a passing internet craze, it is based on actual struggles that workers deal with on a daily basis. Therefore, to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved, all parties should consider the approach by Sodexo. From adopting a wide range of non-monetary rewards to offering a portfolio of gifting solutions, Sodexo understands the value of versatility, comfort, and personalization. And that is why these solutions are not only a means to boost employee motivation but also enhance their quality of life and foster a conducive workplace culture that keeps their well-being at the forefront. Therefore, one must keep the following at the heart of strategizing and creating employee-friendly policies: 

  • Rethink work culture 
  • Focus on encouraging and boosting employees’ morale 
  • Listen to workers and address their unique needs 
  • Create cultures that invite workers to craft their approaches to growth 

To prevent the culture of quiet quitting, the organization needs to proactively follow specific steps to keep employees engaged, boost their morale and enjoy employee benefits. Below mentioned are some ways you can learn how to deal with quiet quitting.

Offer Autonomy to Employees

To prevent the culture of quiet quitting, you must offer freedom of decision-making to your employees. Micromanaging them makes them feel less respected and less trusted by their managers. Employees want to feel empowered and achieve objectives based on their desires, values, and talents. You must ensure that you sit down with your employees, give them a platform to showcase their abilities and provide clear feedback. 

Power of Performance Reviews

Providing performance reviews to employees is one of the most significant ways of giving them feedback and encouraging an ongoing and open dialogue with them. By doing this, managers will also get the chance to talk with their employees about the projects they are currently working on, the challenges they are facing, and the assistance they need. A lack of employee engagement and inadequate leadership communication is the reason behind the quiet quitting of around 16% of Indian knowledge workers. Therefore, having a seamless conversation is extremely important. Moreover, employees feel appreciated when given the opportunity to offer feedback to their employers' feedback.

Create a Sense of Purpose

The lack of a sense of purpose among the employees is another major cause of quiet quitting. When employees don't feel like they are a part of something exceptional about their work, they put in their time and do nothing more. To put an end to this culture, they must believe that their work matters beyond just earning a wage. The organization can establish a sense of purpose among employees through one-on-one meetings, online chats, and town halls. In addition, the managers must have at least one in-depth chat every week with each of their direct reports to go through how their work fits into the organisation's overall mission.

Promote Leadership and Learning Opportunities

Opportunities that can lead to learning and development for employees are crucial for improving their performance, enhancing their skills, and thus contributing to job satisfaction. Companies that offer learning and development for employees for employees reciprocate their loyalty by offering opportunities to grow and evolve in their careers. Employees experience hope and excitement when they learn that there is not only room for professional career progress but also that their employer has a plan to put them through a development programme. 

Respect Work-Life Balance and Maintain Boundaries

Maintaining a balance between professional and personal life is challenging but very important. Today's workforce wants to establish more precise boundaries that promote a healthier work-life balance. Employees are more productive and thriving in the organization's overall goals when they take time off to relax and refresh. Therefore, a competent manager should encourage employees to disconnect and take advantage of their free time as much as possible. The managers should ensure a work-life balance and supportive environment in the organization. 


Having a thorough plan of action is an excellent way to ensure employee satisfaction and effective communication across all levels. This strategy should include setting expectations for individual performance, encouraging teamwork, and demonstrating how employees' work advances the organization's goals. Sodexo aims to bring sustainable and personalised employee experiences to life and secure employee motivation benefits for organisations. With unique digital solutions backed by industry-leading technologies, Sodexo gives employees a suite of benefits, ranging from meal Benefits to training, wellness programmes, and much more. These ubiquitous, tailored reward solutions celebrate successes, inspire the teams and enable people-focused transformation, stimulating better employee experiences, empowering mobility, and fostering a culture of complete freedom of choice. These solutions create impressive employee experiences to make them feel engaged, cared for, and motivated. So connect with Sodexo today, and get the best solutions on how to deal with quiet quitting.