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10 Simple Ways to Master Employee Engagement

25 August 2023

Business leaders face several challenges each day; engaging employees at work is one of them. According to the Sodexo Global Study - Employee Engagement Masterclass: Three Lessons That Will Transform Your Workplace, 2018, 85% of employees do not feel that they’re engaged at work. Research after research indicates a direct link between employee engagement and company business gains.

In fact, according to Gallup's featured insights, highly engaged business units result in a 21% higher profitability. By focusing on operational processes to bring employee engagement to the center of attention, business leaders with the help of HR can adopt innovative ways to engage employees and deliver a superior employee experience In a workplace of any size and nature, employee engagement plays a pivotal role in enhancing the organizational culture. Here are ten simple steps to master employee-engagement for your organization:

Foster Transparent Communication

Transparent communication is a critical aspect in every employer-employee relationship. Having open and effective two-way communication through different levels in an organization is imperative. A study by Glassdoor, titled Benefits of Workplace Transparency, states that clear and direct communication encourages employees to be more creative and helps them feel liberated to share their inputs. Furthermore, effective communication has proven to be the cornerstone for increased retention rates, enhanced workplace efficiency and business growth.

Brace Diversity

Today's workforce looks for a workplace that enjoys a good reputation for its efforts towards bracing diversity. Creating a diverse workplace where people irrespective of culture, religion, gender, age, or disability feel welcomed and valued, drives success. Moreover, appreciating different opinions is the foundation of the journey to progress. When there is a group of individuals with multi-dimensional views, the organization can ensure better decisions that contribute to success and growth.

Build Innovative and Fun Spaces

Multi-purpose spaces to eat, relax, and recreational rooms with fun activities, board games or pop-up shops build strong relationships and drive engagement at each level. A recent study identified key design and experience solutions that can help redefine the corporate workplace and 83% of employees talked in favor of multi-purpose spaces. Moreover, if an employee is not able to have fun at the workplace, the chances of producing par excellence work are much less.

Empower Employees

Interestingly, 7 out of 10 employees consider empowerment to be an essential element of their engagement. Inculcating new technologies in operational processes can free employees from traditional tedious and monotonous tasks. Employers can introduce the POD structure for increased collaboration with members of different expertise and specialization to drive innovation and team efficiency. By giving complete ownership & freedom, best quality output can be expected. The amalgamation of digital tools and PODs add to the workforce’s confidence level and skills through experiential learning experiences. However, while empowering employees, it is essential to flatten the hierarchy, eliminate micro-management for improved decision making among the employees thereby making them more productive and accountable.

Stimulate Learning and Development

Learning and development is the key to driving engagement. Serving employees with opportunities for enhanced & rigorous training builds an efficient, self-confident, and skilled workforce. A study revealed that 80 percent of surveyed employees felt learning and development experiences would help them stay engaged in their jobs.

Offer Employee Feedback

For every 10 bits of positive reinforcement in the form of feedback, one earns credibility to give one bit of constructive suggestion. Hence, business leaders can use positive reinforcement to create a workforce that not only learns better and faster but is actively and constructively taking feedback to stay productive. Further, frequent employee feedback adds fuel to their motivation level to develop innate capabilities.

Promote an Enriching Workplace Culture

As per a study, 53% of employees would be willing to take greater responsibility if their organization supports a risk-taking culture. Imbibing the concept of experimentation, fostering a risk-tolerant and supportive culture along with a fun work environment are all essential steps for companies to achieve enhanced employee engagement.

Provide Best-in-Class Employee Benefits

For many individuals, a well-thought employee benefits package is a priority while evaluating a job. It enhances employee efficiency and promotes satisfaction, happiness, and well-being. Being a leader in digital Pluxee meal & employee benefits, Pluxee India has established expertise over the past 25 years that is recognized by millions of consumers and is trusted by 11,000+ clients across the public and private sectors. Pluxee’s digital suite of employee benefits is designed to boost employees’ purchasing power and gives them greater freedom of choice.  

Recognize Sincere Efforts

The convergence of thoughtful recognition and strong management contributes to better engagement. Celebrating employee milestones, big or small, and appreciating sincere efforts encourages the workforce to strive for excellence. Pluxee's incentive and recognition solutions help organizations motivate their employees from wherever they are, promising unlimited freedom of choice while shopping online and offline. According to Sodexo's whitepaper, 70% of surveyed employees stated that the happiness they derived from recognition at work also spread into their personal lives making them feel satisfied with their work.

Talk Progress

All successful business leaders and managers have one thing in common, i.e., discussing the state of engagement that allows everyone at each level to share inputs and solutions. It is essential to check in with employees regularly on an informal note. A simple question about the workload they’re handling or any roadblocks they’re facing towards their set goals helps understand how the employee is doing before talking about their performance and progress at work. Companies and business leaders can start putting these simple principles to practice in order to have an enthused and motivated workforce. It is the daily experiences of employees that ultimately drive dynamic engagement. Companies and business leaders can start putting these simple principles to practice in order to have an enthused and motivated workforce. It is the daily experiences of employees that ultimately drive dynamic engagement.