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Why Meals Are an Integral Part of Employee Engagement in the Hybrid World

25 August 2023

The present times require businesses to give employee experience the utmost priority, and one way of ensuring a positive employee experience is by investing in the right employee benefits.

However, offices are no longer what they used to be until early 2020. Now, your office can be your living room or your favourite cafe down the street. The new hybrid workplace setup has offered employees a lot of flexibility that has come at the cost of social interaction. At the moment, it is important for employers to bring back teams together and redesign how employees socialize with one another.

Employee Engagement and an Inspiring Work Environment

Creative ideas rarely come to mind when you spend hours in front of your screen. For months, the majority of workforce today has been working in isolation, with little to no interaction with coworkers. But as we return to a certain idea of ‘normalcy’, it is important for workspaces to become more influenced by a sense of comfort. Office canteens and lounge areas in workplaces can also be used as co-working spaces for employees, where they can discuss ideas over shared meals that can spark innovation.

Safe and Healthy Food in the Workplace and Team Productivity

Health affects all facets of our lives, and the ongoing pandemic has only put more emphasis on the need for a healthier lifestyle. There is no doubt that healthier employees are more proactive and productive. The reason why it is a good idea to provide in-office meals to your workforce is that it gives them a chance to socialize with colleagues and learn more about office culture. Spending long periods of time in front of a computer screen can create weariness and reduce productivity. However, workplace meals, on the other hand, allow employees to take a break and socialize with coworkers.

Offering the right kind of food in the workplace is also an important factor that contributes to boosting employee energy and productivity. Healthy and safe food services being offered to employees in the workplace as well as their work from home space also reflects the organization’s concern towards promoting a healthier lifestyle for employees. Pluxee Meal Benefit have become an excellent and convenient way for employers to provide the workforce with healthy and safe eating options. These digital and/ or physical cards are widely accepted by various merchants, restaurants and food apps that offer safe and healthy meals.

Use Food to Attract Talent and Foster Positive Company Culture

The current generation of working professionals is seeking much more than just a pleasant working atmosphere. They seek a comfortable and flexible work environment that also offers meal benefits, growth opportunities and healthy compensations for an enhanced experience. Millennials expect their employers to take care of them and offering meal benefits is a major part of it.

Another benefit of catering to employee needs and expectations is that it creates a strong company culture and boost loyalty, thus creating a positive relationship between employees and the organization. It also creates a social space for employees where they can interact with their colleagues without having to leave the workplace for long periods.

Food lounges and cafeterias at the workplace are a great way of bringing people together and breaking the barriers between employees and management. It becomes a great place for everyone to sit down and interact with each other over a hearty meal. Whether it is the leadership team or interns, everyone gets to eat together and interact. It also allows employees to bond with one another, away from their screens and spend quality time together, creating a strong feeling of community and togetherness. Hence, meals can easily be the key to successful employee engagement in this hybrid world. The question to ask is, what is it going to take to revolutionize the meal system at your workplace now?