Gadgets Pluxee (Sodexo)

Gadgets & Equipment Benefit for Employees

25 August 2023

What began as a step to ensure employee wellbeing during the outbreak of Covid-19, is set to be the norm in the coming times. Several organizations across different sectors have even been rolling out WFH allowances and other benefits for their employees who are ensuring business continuity and growth while operating remotely. One of the major issues faced by employees while working from their homes is the unavailability of proper workspace setup.

The lack of ergonomic chairs, tables, laptops, erratic internet, power cuts, etc. can lead to backaches, eyes and neck aches, stress because of prolonged sitting, causing occupational hazards in many cases. Adding to this are productivity issues that arise because of technical glitches. With that in mind, corporates have been extending Wi-Fi allowance, BYOD benefit, Home Office Furniture Allowances etc. where they give employees Digital Gadgets and Equipment Allowances to buy necessary equipment, office furniture and enable the right infrastructure at home.

Some have also started collaborating with furniture rental apps to home-deliver ergonomic chairs and desks. Competitive employee benefits like these can help retain top talent and enhance overall employee experiencein the work from anywhere age. The meal & benefits card by Pluxee is a 100% digital, compliant solution. The Gadgets and Equipment benefit can be used by employees to improve their home workspace. The benefit can be used as per the company's policies. Employers can load the employee's gadget and equipment account with the click of a button and employees can instantly start using these credits both offline and online.

Alternately, employees can upload bills for reimbursement by their company while leaving the task of validating these bills with the experience team at Pluxee. With the next-gen Sodexo-Zeta app, employees can view and analyze transaction data and invoices, thus there is no extra stress of collating and submitting bills. By adopting such digital solutions, corporates can ensure a more productive, motivated, and efficient workforce. As we move ahead, these allowances will become more and more important as more organizations look at ways to motivate employees.

Pluxee Meal & Benefit Solutions is the right way to administer and manage new-age employee benefits like these, digitally! To know how you can use the Multi-Benefit Pass to provide other tax-saving benefits to the employees, click here!