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What is the Pluxee Benefits Suite?

Pluxee Card for Benefits is a prepaid card that can support multiple employee benefits on one card.

Is the card validity same for all benefits?

Yes, the card validity is 3 years for both the cards.

What’s the benefit of selecting Pluxee meal benefit for employees?

Pluxee meal benefit offers a host of advantages to your employees: 

  • Access to India’s largest proprietary meal network of 1,00,000+ unique points of acceptance across 1,800 + cities 
  • Tax savings up to ₹12,000 a year for every employee 
  • Additional savings through year-round exclusive deals & discounts and access to offer portal "Pluxee Delights Premier" 
  • Manage card on-the-go using Pluxee IN app: track spends, block/unblock card, change PIN, view transaction history and much more

What is the benefit of selecting Pluxee rewards & recognition suite for employees?

Pluxee rewards & recognition suite offers a host of benefits to your employees: 

  • Personalised gift cards with up to 3 years validity 
  • Tax savings on ₹5,000 every year 
  • Access to RuPay’s nationwide network of 50 lakhs+ retail outlets and 90,000+ portals 
  • Additional savings of ₹8,000 through exclusive deals 
  • Card is linked to Pluxee IN mobile app to track spends, block/unblock card, change PIN and view transaction history on-the-go

Can I set a transaction limit on my Pluxee card?

Yes, you can set a transaction limit on your Pluxee card. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Pluxee IN app
  • Click on the top left Menu icon to open the Menu
  • Click on ‘Manage’ and then select ‘Transaction Limits’
  • Once selected, you’ll be able to set the desired transaction limit for e-commerce transactions and POS transactions for payments made via your Pluxee card
  • Enable/Disable POS/E-Commerce transactions – E-Commerce/POS transactions can be enabled or disabled
  • Transaction Limits – Set transaction limits for payments made through E-Commerce transactions / POS Transactions

Can Pluxee meal benefit be used to digitise corporate & educational institutions cafeterias?

Pluxee's NFC enabled tag-based solution can be used to make quick and contactless payments without any hassle in corporate and educational institutions cafeterias. Pluxee meal benefit usage can be restricted only in the cafeteria or select outlets on campus as per organisations/ institutes’ policy.

Where can the Pluxee meal benefit be used?

Pluxee meal benefit can be used across India’s largest proprietary meal merchant network of 1,00,000+ unique points of acceptance across 1,800+ cities including leading popular food portals like Zomato, Swiggy, Freshmenu, Blinkit, BigBasket, JioMart, Swiggy Instamart, Zepto and many more*

Where can Pluxee rewards & recognition suite be used?

Pluxee rewards & recognition suite is accepted on RuPay’s nationwide network of 50 lakhs+ retail outlets and 90,000+ online portals. It is usable across brands and categories including payment of utility bills like fuel, electricity, gas etc.

Can the Pluxee meal benefit usage be restricted to restaurants?

Pluxe meal benefit can be designed to be exclusively redeemable at restaurants within the proprietary network and not be used to make grocery purchases.

How do I opt for Pluxee rewards & recognition suite for employees?

To choose Pluxee rewards & recognition suite for your employees, please get started by filling in your details here – Contact Us

How do I opt for Pluxee meal benefit for employees

To choose Pluxee meal benefit for your employees, please get started by filling in your details here - Contact Us

How does online payment work ?

Step 1: Pay with Pluxee option can be made available on merchant app/ website with help of RESTFUL APIs offered by Pluxee. 

Step 2: No IP / URL whitelisting required for Pluxee online integration. 

Step 3: Authorization is done basis the API Keys and merchant credentials issued by Pluxee. 

Step 4: Pluxee team will share test credentials (UAT) with the merchant and merchant will integrate the same in their system. 

Step 5: Once the Integration is completed, Pluxee will test the UAT environment. 

Step 6: Upon successful testing, Pluxee will provide live credentials. 

Step 7: Merchant can test live credentials and then go live. 

Step 8: Various APIs are available. viz. Transaction Status check, Full/Partial Refunds, Card Balance, Card Tokenization, etc.

Where can the benefits be used?

Pluxee benefits suite is the most innovative employee benefit solution which helps you deliver all employee benefits on one card and app. This is India’s only card, that works on two networks for greater freedom of choice of your employees. 

  • Pluxee’s proprietary meal network spread with 1,00,000+ unique points of acceptance across 1,800+ cities including popular food portals for employees’ to use their meal benefit 
  • RuPay’s vast network spread across 50 lakh+ retail outlets and 90,000+ portals for employees to enjoy their non – meal benefits like fuel, telecommunication, office wear, books & periodicals & many more

What is the advantage of selecting Pluxee benefits suite for employees?

Pluxee benefits suite offers a host of benefits to your employees:

  • 100% paperless management of spends and claims
  • No need to carry multiple cards
  • Employees can avail all their benefits like meal, reward, fuel, telecommunication, office wear and many more on just one card
  • Tax savings over ₹1,00,000 a year, for every employee
  • Additional savings of ₹8,000 through exclusive deals
  • Greater freedom of choice to enjoy meal benefits with India’s largest meal network and other benefits over RuPay’s nationwide network

How does EDC terminal work ?

Step 1: POS terminals are activated for Pluxee acceptance on dedicated / shared terminals.

Step 2: Pluxee consumer will present their Pluxee card to merchants.

Step 3: Merchant will select Pluxee/ sale option on POS depending upon the POS partner.

Step 4: The Pluxee card will be swiped on POS terminals for successful transactions.

Step 5: Chargeslip / e-chargeslip will be generated post completion of transaction.

Step 6: Void / settlement options available on the POS terminals.

Step 7: POS rolls / break-fix Services will be provided by POS partners.

How does Tap & Pay work ?

Step 1: Merchant will download and open Pluxee IN merchant store app on mobile device provided by Pluxee. 

Step 2: Merchant will have to select shop ID / counter ID. 

Step 3: Merchant will enter the amount which he wants to collect from the Pluxee consumer. 

Step 4: Consumer has to tap his NFC card/tag on the back of mobile device. 

Step 5: Consumer will share the OTP with merchant who will enter in the application and complete the transaction. 

Step 6: Consumer can do the trust establishment for merchant, post which OTP is not required.

How does BQR work ?

Step 1: Pluxee consumer downloads Pluxee In app from Play Store & Appstore and logs in with their registered mobile number.

Step 2: At the merchant outlet, consumer will open the Pluxee IN app, select the card from which they wants to do the payment.

Step 3: Consumer has to click on ""PAY"" option which is above the card and then user can scan the QR code, enter the amount and the PIN post which transaction will get successful.

Is there a minimum employee requirement to partner with Pluxee?

Pluxee benefits suite is a 100% digital and 100% flexible employee benefit solution. You can choose the benefits of your choice as per employee grades or organization’s needs. There is no minimum employee requirement for choosing the employee benefit solution.

How do I opt for Pluxee benefits suite for employees?

To choose Pluxee benefits suite for your employees, please get started by filling in your details here – Contact Us

How does the Pluxee system work?

Step 1: An employer places an order for the meal benefit and makes the payment to Pluxee. 

Step 2: The employer provides this meal benefit to its employees as a part of their compensation structure. 

Step 3: Employee refers to web directory or the Pluxee IN app (for employees) to locate meal merchant to use their meal benefit. 

Step 4: Employees/associates use their meal benefit at Pluxee's proprietary merchant outlets for the purchase of food and nonalcoholic beverages. 

Step 5: Upon receipt of proof for transactions, the payment for the same will be credited to the merchant’s registered bank account based on payment terms defined in the contract form. The meal benefit transaction invoice is also emailed at registered merchant email ID.