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How do I use this card?

"A) Meal benefits: Swipe the card at Pluxee affiliated meal merchant outlets across India for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages only. 

B) Other benefits: Insert the card at RuPay accepting outlets to use your other benefits like fuel, telecommunication & data, rewards, etc."

Is there an App I can use to manage the card?

Yes, please download and use the Pluxee IN App on your smartphone from any Playstore/Appstore (Android/iOS).

Can I use this card online?

"Yes. The card linked to Meal wallet can be used on portals of Pluxee affiliated meal merchants. Please use the card details printed on the ‘Meal’ section of the card to make payments. The Other benefits can be used on portals accepting RuPay cards. Please use the card details printed on the ‘Benefits’ section of the card."

Is my card secured by a transaction PIN ?

Yes, the Pluxee benefits Card is a PIN-based card. You can generate a SuperPIN on your own using the Pluxee app. This SuperPIN is dynamic and generates every two minutes.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

On loss of the card, you can easily block your card using the Pluxee IN app in just a click.

Open your Pluxee IN app, go to ‘Settings’, click on your Card and turn on the ‘Block temporarily’ button to prevent transactions on your card. You can also reach out to Pluxee customer service team. The lost card will be blocked, and the available amount would be issued to the cardholder in a replacement card only after the cardholder requests for a replacement card.

I need more help.

Please contact customer support on 022 6919 6919 / 022 4919 6919, or write to us at consumer@india.pluxeegroup.com

What is the Pluxee meal benefit tagged to my Pluxee benefits card?

The Meal benefit tagged on the Pluxee Benefits Card is a fully digital Meal Benefit Solution. This card comes with a 3-year validity and is accepted at Pluxee-affiliated merchant outlets for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages only.

How much amount will be loaded into the meal benefit?

The meal benefit will be loaded with an amount decided by your HR. Please check with your HR on the monthly load value of your meal benefit.

How do I activate my meal benefit tagged on the Pluxee card?

The Pluxee Benefits Card is in an inactive mode for security reasons when you receive it. The card must be activated before usage which can be done by following some simple instructions mentioned in the welcome e-mail or welcome kit that you will receive along with the card. Activate your card online by visiting the card activation portal https://activation.Pluxeebrs.com 

  • Enter your official registered Email Address/Mobile number
  • Enter the 12 digit-card reference number (mentioned on the Welcome email / Letter)
  • Click on ‘Get Activation Code’
  • Provide your PAN no to complete KYC*
  • Enter activation code (received on Email/SMS)
  • Complete OTP-based mobile number verification
  • Click on ‘Activate Card’ *In case PAN no is not available with government databases you will be re-directed to Offline Aadhaar

What is the Pluxee rewards & recognition suite?

The Pluxee rewards & recognition suite consists of prepaid gift cards which are accepted at all RuPay enabled merchant outlets. They are non-reloadable and come with a 1-year validity.

Where can I use these cards?

These cards can be used to purchase anything of your choice on the RuPay network comprising of: 

  • 50 lakh retail outlets across India
  • All leading online portals and e-commerce websites
  • The physical card is accepted by both retail outlets and online merchants.
  • The virtual card is accepted by online portals and e-commerce websites only.

How do I activate my rewards, dining & celebrations card?

All Pluxee cards are dispatched in an inactive mode for security reasons. The card must be activated before usage. Card can be activated online or via SMS:


  1. To activate your card online
    1. Visit the card activation portal https://activation.consumers.pluxee.in
    2. Enter your official registered email address/ mobile number.
    3. Enter your official registered email address/ mobile number.
    4. Click on ‘Get Activation Code’
    5. Enter activation code (received on email/ SMS)
    6. Complete OTP-based mobile number verification
    7. Click on ‘Activate Card’
  2. To activate card via SMS
    1. Send an SMS from your registered mobile number to 9282106696.
    2. Message format: CARD (space) ACT (space) (12-digit Card Reference Number(space)(Last 4 digits of your Card Number)

Where can I find the Card Reference Number?

The Card Reference Number is printed on the welcome letter sent as part of the card welcome kit. This number is mandatorily required for activating the card; hence make sure that you retain the welcome letter until card activation.

I have lost the welcome letter and do not know the Card Reference Number. What do I do?

If you have lost/ misplaced the welcome letter and did not note down the Card Reference Number (mandatory for card activation), all you need to do is visit the Pluxee card activation portal https://activation.consumers.pluxee.in: 

  1. Select the option ‘Forgot Reference Number.’
  2. Enter your registered mobile number/ email address.
  3. Enter the last 4-digits of your 16-dit card number.
  4. Enter captcha details and click on ‘Get Card Reference Number.’ 

If the details you have entered are correct, you will receive the card reference number details via SMS or email on your registered mobile number or email address.

How do I check the balance on my card?

Every time you make a purchase, you will receive an email/SMS notification stating the updated card balance. You can also check your card balance through IVR at Pluxee customer service number or on the Pluxee IN app on your smartphone or at https://web.consumers.pluxee.in.

What is Pluxee?

Headquartered in France, Pluxee is India’s leading prepaid instrument company authorised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Market leader by far, we design, manage and deliver a range of motivation solutions, from Benefits to Rewards & Recognition solutions intended to encourage and reward performance.

What is the meal benefit?

The meal benefit is a prepaid instrument authorised by the RBI and issued by Pluxee to its client organisation. lt is accepted at Sodexo merchant outlets for food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Who is a Pluxee merchant and how do I become a Pluxee merchant?

Any establishment that who has entered into a contractual agreement with Pluxee for accepting the meal benefits as per the pre-defined terms and conditions is a Pluxee Merchant. You may call our toll-free numbers 1800 267 3030 / 1800 103 3030 (7 days a week) or mail in your details at ask.in@pluxeegroup.com and our representative shall get in touch with you within 3 working days to explain the procedure and guide you to become a Pluxee Merchant.

How does the Pluxee system work?

Step 1: An employer places an order for the meal benefit and makes the payment to Pluxee. 

Step 2: The employer provides this meal benefit to its employees as a part of their compensation structure. 

Step 3: Employee refers to web directory or the Pluxee IN app (for employees) to locate meal merchant to use their meal benefit. 

Step 4: Employees/associates use their meal benefit at Pluxee's proprietary merchant outlets for the purchase of food and nonalcoholic beverages. 

Step 5: Upon receipt of proof for transactions, the payment for the same will be credited to the merchant’s registered bank account based on payment terms defined in the contract form. The meal benefit transaction invoice is also emailed at registered merchant email ID.

How do I accept payments with Pluxee benefits card?

Pluxee enables innovative digital solutions at your store to support acceptance of its benefits at your store. The solution include, EDC terminal, BQR code, online (for Ecommerce merchants), Tap & Pay and OTP based payment