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The Varied Dimensions of Quality Of Life

24 August 2023

What started over a year ago has now become the ‘New Normal’. The pandemic altered how everyone functioned and significantly impacted workplace management. From people heading to work every day pre-pandemic, more and more employees are settling into a home-office routine now.

And this shift has had a cascading effect across the ecosystem, encouraging business leaders to provide comfortable work environments to employees to keep businesses running smoothly. Employees are now seeking workplaces that provide fluid, flexible experiences and support the convergence of life and work. Companies understand the need to improve and adapt their offerings to meet these expectations; not only to keep pace with competitors, but to remain employers of choice. Certain needs have become key - work-life balance, learning and development for employees and employee wellness. These lead to one of the most significant and comprehensive constructs - Quality of Life. In the corporate playbook, Quality of Life has evolved as a key factor that promotes performance in organizations in today's global marketplace. And rightly so, because an individual's productivity, efficiency, and ability to perform can be directly correlated with the kind of environment they work in, the level of satisfaction they derive, and the balance they can maintain between their professional and personal lives. There are numerous concrete initiatives that companies can take to enhance the Quality of Life for their employees. These Quality of Life Services can be categorized into the below dimensions.

Physical Environment

This includes all necessary elements contributing to employee comfort and security at the workplace. To ensure an enhanced Pluxee employee experience providing a clean, secure, and welcoming environment is of utmost significance. For creating a future-ready workplace, organizations can transform spaces and services into unique offerings that render tailored environments for employees. That way, employees can feel at ease in their physical work environment and deliver their best work. Even in the present remote working paradigm, employees spend a considerable part of their day at work. Therefore, it's critical to foster an environment that gives them the freedom to work and collaborate effectively. Traditional services can be enhanced or disrupted with innovative solutions to offer a unique workplace experience that benefits employees. Pluxee, for example, has teamed with clients to provide customized services tailored to the needs of their remote workers. Thanks to new-age digital solutions, employees can be offered multi-channel access to workplace benefits, services, and facilities.

Social Interactions

This refers to factors that help strengthen bonds among individuals and facilitate access to activities and events. Strong social ties have a remarkable impact on people, making them happier and healthier, resulting in improved performance for the entire workforce. Positive social interactions also aid team development and cross-departmental collaboration. The entire concept of social involvement becomes even more crucial when people have few or no in-person interactions in the hybrid work set up. In a contactless world, companies can utilize various methods to engage with their employees, including virtual onboarding, online meetings, and reviews.

Ease and Efficiency

This means the ability to devote full attention to the task at hand and carry it out with ease, efficiency & minimal disruption. Since we live in the post-pandemic world, which fortunately is also technologically advanced, companies can adopt digital solutions, enabling employees to maintain efficiency and productivity. Technology, automation, and AI can lead to amplified business resilience and sustainable high performance. One of the foremost reasons for enterprises to incorporate digital technologies is to serve ample real-time data, which, in turn, helps understand changing employee behavior and expectations.

Health and Well-Being

This represents healthy meals, advice on nutrition and lifestyle, access to fitness and athletic programs etc. There is no denying that everyone has witnessed an increased concern about health and well-being in the post-pandemic world. And balanced and nutritionally rich food can promote health and boost energy and productivity. To provide this, companies have undertaken initiatives like onsite cafes and vending services. However, now that most of the workforce has settled in hybrid workspaces, employers need to reflect this change in people's priorities and incorporate digital well-being programs. Organisations can add to a multi-dimensional workplace that supports well-being and work-life blend by offering healthcare and wellness services. Furthermore, digital medical services can demonstrate the company's investment in the well-being of people. In addition, our food card in India provides employees with a tax-compliant solution to increase their in-hand salaries while offering various nutritional yet tasty food choices.


This includes factors that help individuals feel truly valued and appreciated, such as employee rewards and incentive programs. Pluxee's considerable experience in rewards and recognition programs enables us to tailor reward solutions to fit the needs of varied company cultures and a multi-generational workforce.

Personal Growth

This refers to everything that helps individuals learn and progress. Pluxee Meal & Benefit Solutions is a compliant and 100% digital solution that includes an L&D benefit to aid employee upskilling and reskilling. Delivered digitally, it is an ideal solution for hybrid workforces with varied employee needs. While employees are striving to adjust to the new normal and operate effectively in today’s hybrid work environments, organizations can provide differentiated employee experience, digitally to boost the Quality of Life of their workforce. By following the above dimensions of Quality of Life, business leaders can address the fundamental needs of employees and deliver their vision for the future of work for their organizations.