Employee Satisfaction at Pluxee(Sodexo)

How to Ensure Satisfaction for Frontline Employees

24 August 2023

Many businesses in the service industry thrive to improve the quality of customer service by facilitating multi-channel communication and proactive interaction with the customers, and in an organization this is mainly done by frontline employees. However, if these frontline employees are not provided with sufficient incentives to improve their morale, they will not be able to satisfy employees to the best of their ability. In order to ensure satisfaction for the frontline employees, it is essential for corporations to provide them with various incentives that will ideally improve their satisfaction levels.

So, the business should develop incentives and recognition programmes for these frontline employees, as it would enable and empower the staff to come with innovative solutions for their customers, which will lead to higher levels of satisfaction. Here are some tips that can ensure satisfaction for the frontline employees in an organization-

  1. Meal Card - Pluxee employee benefits help the workforce through integrated programmes that provide tax-free benefits to the frontline employees. There are a lot of meal benefits that are provided by Pluxee which motivates the workforce by providing them with incentives to work more efficiently. The meal pass is accepted in over 40,000 outlets around 1,500 cities in India for food and non-alcoholic beverages. The validity of the card is for 3 years, letting frontline employees avail various benefits that will ensure that they interact positively with the customers. 
  2. Cafeteria Pass - The cafeteria card is a smart solution that flawlessly integrates with your Pluxee meal benefits plan. This enables frontline employees to communicate by enabling them to sit together and talk about non-work related things. This helps them bond with each other, which can keep them motivated and dedicated to their work.
  3. Pluxee Exclusive pass (rewards) - This particular Pluxee exclusive pass empowers the workforce by providing an incentive to work harder. It enables frontline employees to choose from a variety of brands spread over various categories, and consequently make their shopping experience more delightful and entertaining. It gives the frontline employees various rewards and employee benefits that can help them to be more motivated, dedicated to their work and ensures that they provide quality services to customers.
  4. Celebration pass - During the festive season, this Pluxee Exclusive pass is provided by corporations to their workforce, so that the employees can buy whatever they want, whenever they want. This pass is accepted in over 2 million online and offline outlets over the nationwide Rupay network for a wide range of products – from Home Appliances to Beauty products. The validity of this card is for 1 calendar year.