Hack pack Pluxee (Sodexo BRS)

Hack the pack with a profound career management plan

25 August 2023

90% of the people around you spend an equal amount of time doing their job, yet their skill set and growth pattern will differ as of yours. And, only 11% off them will experience extreme success and the rest 89% will be a part of the lot what we call 'the herd.'

But, the 11% end up in a very comfortable place which we call, 'the pack.' So, the question is, what is the secret of getting into the pack instead of the herd? Ever heard of Career Management? No? In a layman's language, Career Management is a process of planning one's career with a combination of sound professional goals and giving a tactical ladder to reach the door of the pack. No more thrills, here are some of the best hacks of Career Management which will take you to the place you want to be.

Do we have to remind you the name again?

  1. Goal Setting - In a time crunching hours, spare 15 minutes on personal goal setting. Add another excel to your life trauma and this will be your most favourite one. Break it down with monthly and yearly goals. If you still have and it ages you, last visited that sheet, always add an alert to your Google calendar to remind yourself. Evaluate, Compare and take Action.
  2. Skill Drill - One of the most important aspect to hacking the pack is skill drill. You need to track your current skills and rank them out of 10. If you score more than 8 in every skill you mentioned, find out new skills to add. Keep on pooling in new things to learn and execute.
  3. Career Vision - Where do you see yourself after five years? Sounds one like your interview question? There is a logic behind it. The HR always asks you this question to see your career vision. Most of us fumble, but no one thinks about it even after the interview. Career vision is said to be the key player in your professional success. A very simple trick to get this right is to write down the highest and lowest job roles in your profession and then find out the ways you can reach the desired.
  4. Flexible Role - 'The herd' end up doing a similar type of job for a long time which becomes their limitation and they are not able to move out. Always try to explore various roles which can be related to your job, integrate skills and become flexible. A person with flexibility has more chances to grow in a less period. Follow these simple tricks and voila! Welcome to "the pack." A profound Career Management plan, based on evaluation and learnings. People usually forget to improvise during the process.