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How To Improve Work-Life Balance In Your Company

25 August 2023

It is very tough for people to maintain a healthy work-life balance for a number of reasons. With so many people stuck between heavy workload, maintaining relationships and family responsibilities, it’s no surprise that people are spiraling into a rather unhealthy lifestyle.

Over time, stress reduces the overall effectiveness of your immune system and makes you susceptible to a variety of ailments, such as the common cold, headaches and even heart diseases. While we all need a certain amount of stress to spur us on and help us perform to the best of our ability, the key to managing that stress lies in one keyword: BALANCE. Not only is achieving a balanced work-life ideal, but workers and businesses alike see the benefits of providing employee benefits. When workers have a healthy work-life balance, it makes them work more productive, take less sick days and reduces the employee turnover ratio in the organization.

In order to improve your work-life balance, an organization must initially analyze what their employees really want and need. Here are some of the ways that can improve your work-life and make it balanced.

Treat your employees as friends

To communicate with your co-workers in a more effective manner. It is a wise idea to treat them as your friends and not simply people you work with. With the help of the Pluxee cafeteria card, employees waste lesser time in queues and have the right amount of time for team bonding over meals inside the cafeteria. This in turn adds more productivity at work.

More employee-friendly benefits 

Having various rewards and recognition systems in the organization and ample employee benefits improve employee motivation, fosters productivity and provides them a satisfied work-life balance. Pluxee with its integrated suite of solutions provides both economic and tax-free meal benefits that help organizations optimize their compensation policy. The meal pass gives access to best –in- class eateries and is a 100% tax compliant meal benefit solution

Removal of Hierarchy

For many employees, an office is a place they go because they must. It’s a way for them to pay the bills. They have to report to their boss because he/she has to report to their superior and so on. You don’t need to be reminded constantly about superiority, and it’s not necessary that one should have “senior” or “VP” as a title. Leaders may naturally emerge within their teams, but there should be no official reporting structure. Instead of being intimidating, try being relatable instead. This can help your employees to feel like they’re a major part of the organization and will help to keep a healthy work-life balance.

Give employees some vacation time

Pluxee offers their corporates with gifting solution so that they can select from a variety of products. This can be beneficial for the employees even when they go on vacation since they are able to avail these services at any point of time. Pluxee’s gift vouchers negate the possibility of any wasted investment in providing gifts since employees have the freedom to choose whatever they want from a large number of outlets that accept this particular reward service.