Digitalization Pluxee (Sodexo)

Digitize Employee Wellbeing with Pluxee Meal Benefit

25 August 2023

With most workplaces becoming increasingly competitive, employees are prone to various health-related issues. Poor work-life balance, deadlines, combined with a lack of stress management knowhow, and unhealthy eating habits have been identified as some of the key causes of the corporate workforce's deteriorating health.

With that in mind, corporates are jumping onto the well-being bandwagon to ensure employees lead healthier and more productive lives. This is partly driven by the way modern employees look at wellbeing. For instance, both Millennials and Generation Z’s expect employers to invest in their health and wellbeing. 

With the remote work structure in place, most organizations have stepped up their game by providing better and more impactful wellness solutions such as employee assistance programs, extra leave to support employee mental well-being, and customized employee wellness programs. Furthermore, the corporate wellness industry is moving towards digitization and fostering programs that incorporate technological features such as a mobile app for enhanced employee productivity. 

Pluxee Meal Benefit - For Digitizing Employee Wellness:

The Meal Benefit allows HR Leaders to help manage the health & wellness of employees digitally. Wellness offerings like gym memberships, doctor’s consultation, dietary regimens, etc. can be offered to employees via this 100% digital employee benefit solution. 

The Health & Wellness benefit can be used as per company policies and can even offer tax benefits to employees as per certain IT Norms*. It operates on two models, allowance and reimbursement. In the case of the allowance model, employers can load the employee's health and wellness account on Sodexo Multi-Benefit Card and employees can instantly start using these credits. Under reimbursement model, employees can avail health and wellness benefits as defined by their organization, subscribe to plans or avail wellness services and just upload their bills on the next-gen Sodexo-Zeta Mobile App. 

No need to collate and submit paper bills anymore. Employees can manage this benefit digitally, from wherever they are. By adopting digital solutions, employees will be able to achieve increased efficiency as well as enhance their productivity. As we move ahead, organizations can deliver superior employee experience by enabling them with health and wellness programs, thus revitalizing the overall employee experience. To know more about how Meal benefit Pass works, click here