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Building a Community in the Hybrid Workspace

24 August 2023

Given that the average employee spends one-third of his/ her life at work, it is important that their workplace experience is productive, fulfilling, and meaningful. People feel like they belong to a team or organization when their values align, and they can freely express their thoughts and aspirations. This not only improves their performance but also boosts employee engagement and well-being. Employees who lack a sense of belonging, on the other hand, are more likely to experience alienation and burnout.

Employee sense of belonging in their team and organization was challenged post-pandemic, with the move to remote-working setups. Now that people are returning to work with the new hybrid work model in place, it is important that people managers take effective steps to retain and attract talent. A hybrid workforce that proactively engages everyone, increases employee motivation, satisfaction, and reduces stress.

Strategies To Build a Community In The Hybrid Workspace:

Create a Dynamic Space

Being at the workplace plays an important role in making employees feel better connected with their colleagues. Although people are gradually returning to offices, it might not be possible for everyone to be physically present at work at the same time for a while. Thus, it is essential for organizations to create office-like atmosphere virtually and give flexibility to employees, to mirror the experiences of a traditional physical workplace. In terms of experiences, the significance of Pluxee meal & employee benefits such as Health & Wellness solutions or Learning & Development courses, cannot be underestimated. Appreciating and acknowledging employees through rewards and recognition is crucial during such uncertain times. When employees feel valued and visible, their productivity gets a boost naturally.

Make Community Easy

In pre-Covid times, people often socialized with their peers during office breaks, in-between meetings, etc. In the hybrid environment, it is vital to provide employees with breakout spaces where they can socialize with each other. Deploy technology that is fun and easy, and well-integrated into the hybrid workplace.

Make Communication Consistent

Connecting with the team once or twice a week can radically improve their teamwork and collaboration. By encouraging and incentivizing team connections and getting employees to stay in touch with each other beyond work, managers and employers can help create a collegial atmosphere even in hybrid setups.

Make Everything Hybrid

It is important to remember to include the remote workforce in all the physical activities. Whether the office is hosting a lunch, workshop or even a colleague’s birthday, consider finding a way to include peers who are working from home. Regular interactions with colleagues eases out workplace communication.

Creating a collaborative environment in the hybrid workplace is essential to maintain high levels of employee motivation and ensure employee engagement even when the workforce is scattered. Organizations can try and develop a workforce that feels connected to organizational objectives by promoting a strong sense of belonging among coworkers.