Sodexo Cafeteria Pass FAQs

The Sodexo Cafeteria Pass is a fully digital meal benefit solution. This card comes with a 5-year validity and is accepted only at Sodexo-affiliated merchant within your office canteen for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages.

The card is dispatched in an inactive mode for security reasons. The card must be activated before usage.

The unused balance from Sodexo Cafeteria Pass will get lapsed. Your card will be loaded with next month’s credit.

    The Sodexo Cafeteria Pass is dispatched in an inactive mode for security reasons. The card must be activated before usage which can be done by following some simple instructions mentioned in the welcome kit that you will receive along with the card.
    Activate your card online by visiting the card activation portal

  • Enter your official registered email address/ mobile number
  • Enter the 12-dgit card reference number (mentioned on the Welcome Letter)
  • Click on ‘Get Activation Code’
  • Provide Officially Valid Document details to complete minimum details KYC
  • Enter activation code (received on email/ SMS)
  • Complete OTP-based mobile number verification
  • Click on ‘Activate Card’
    The Sodexo Cafeteria Pass integrates with Zeta’s digital platform to offer several benefits for employees. Downloading the Zeta app on your smartphone has the following benefits:

  • Multiple ways to pay: Use your Sodexo Cafeteria Pass at online and offline food stores and pay using:
    • QR code – Just scan the QR code at the merchant outlet and punch the amount
    • Shop ID – Enter the merchant’s Shop ID and pay
    • Zeta code – Click on “Zeta Code”, generate an OTP by tapping on the screen, share the OTP with the vendor to pay and you’re done!
  • SuperPIN – It’s alright to forget your static PIN because you have the SuperPIN to your rescue. The SuperPIN is a dynamic PIN that is generated every two minutes on your app
  • Exclusive offers and discounts – Avail exclusive offers and discounts
  • Block and unblock card – Cards can be blocked or unblocked as per your needs
  • Track spends – Real-time in-app notifications on spends and credits
  • Access transaction history – Access transaction history on-the-go
  • Enable/Disable POS/E-Commerce transactions – E-Commerce/POS transactions can be enabled or disabled
  • Transaction Limits – Set transaction limits for payments made through E-Commerce transactions / POS Transactions

Yes, the Sodexo Cafeteria Pass is a PIN-based card. You will receive your static PIN as part of the card welcome kit. You can also generate a SuperPIN on your own using the Zeta app. This SuperPIN is dynamic and generates every two minutes.

You will need to memorise your PIN if you have not downloaded the Zeta app. If you have downloaded the Zeta app, you can simply use the SuperPIN feature.

Yes, you will receive SMS alerts from Sodexo for your purchase and load transactions. To receive SMS alerts, your mobile number must be registered with Sodexo. If your mobile number has not been provided by your employer, you can register the same with Sodexo at the time of card activation on the activation portal. You can also update your mobile number on the Zeta app. Please update the same to help us serve you better.

There are no charges applicable on purchase transactions with the Sodexo Cafeteria Pass. Other fees and charges if any, are mentioned on the welcome letter that you receive along with your card.

The Sodexo Cafeteria Pass can be used to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages at Sodexo-affiliated merchant within your office cafeteria.

No. As per law, the card can only be used to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages.

The different methods to pay using the Zeta app are as mentioned below:
a) Zeta Code – Click on “Zeta Code”, generate an OTP by tapping on the screen, share the OTP with the vendor to pay and you’re done! Get the receipt for your purchase instantly.
b) QR code – Just scan the QR code at the merchant outlet and punch the amount to pay in less than 3 seconds
c) Shop ID – Enter the merchant’s Shop ID and pay the amount
Please note that the above-mentioned payment methods can only be used at merchant outlets that have been enabled to accept such payments and will not be available at all Sodexo-affiliated merchant outlets.

Know your customer (‘KYC’) is the process of a business (Sodexo) identifying and verifying its consumers (Sodexo Card Users). KYC guidelines are issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). As per the RBI Master Direction, it is mandatory for all prepaid instrument issuers to complete their KYC. Currently Sodexo captures KYC information at the time of card activation itself.

RBI guidelines specify capturing and validating consumer information for certain value issued on prepaid cards. At the time of activating the card Sodexo obtains KYC details – minimum details (mandatory) and complete KYC (optional) of the consumer.

If user provided minimum details the following rules apply:

  • a) Balance on Card (at any point) should be ≤ ₹10,000*
  • b) Cumulative credits per month should be ≤ ₹10,000*
  • c) Cumulative of debits per month ≤ ₹10,000*
  • d) Cumulative load per FY ≤ ₹1,00,000*

Within 12 months from the date of card issuance, the user will need to complete KYC, if not, no further credit allowed on the card.

Once the user completes KYC the card can be loaded with a value of up to Rs. 1,00,000*

*Note: These limits are prescribed by RBI and are subject to changes as and when mandated by RBI.

Yes, you can set a transaction limit on your Sodexo Cafeteria Pass. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Zeta For Employees app
  • Click on the top left Menu icon to open the Menu
  • Click on ‘Manage’ and then select ‘Transaction Limits’
  • Once selected, you’ll be able to set the desired transaction limit for e-commerce transactions and POS transactions for payments made via your Sodexo Cafeteria Card

You can change the card PIN via the Zeta app available on your smartphone or desktop.

You can generate a new card PIN using the Zeta app on your smartphone or desktop or by simply using the dynamic SuperPIN to make transactions.

The card gets blocked when there are 3 consecutive attempts with a wrong PIN. However, this is a temporary block and it last for 24 hours only.

There are two ways to reset your password:

  • To reset your password through Zeta App, you need to first have your email ID updated on the app. Simply visit the Menu on Home Screen, click on ‘Edit Your Profile’ and update your email ID to make sure you can use this option. If email ID already updated, simply click on ‘Forgot Password’ on login screen.
  • Alternatively, you can call our toll-free number 1800 267 3030.

Every time you make a purchase, you will receive an email/SMS notification stating the updated card balance. You can also view card balance on the Zeta app on your smartphone or desktop

If you’re using the Zeta app to make payments, you can rest assured that your Cafeteria Pass can never be misused. With the SecureShield feature in our app, we’ve brought security into your hands. The SecureShield comprises of:

  • SuperPIN – A dynamic PIN that’s valid for one transaction only
  • Location Shield – Turn this on, and your card can be swiped only at card machines near you.
  • Swipe2Pay – With Swipe2Pay, all you need to do is swipe on the secure dialog that is presented by Zeta on your phone to complete your online transactions. It is perfectly safe, fast and convenient.

To ensure that the card is not misused, do not share the PIN and do not store the Card PIN and the card together. If you have lost your card, please block your card at the earliest to avoid misuse of the card. You can block and unblock your card through the Zeta mobile app.

On loss of the card, you can easily block your card using the Zeta app in just a click.
Open your Zeta app, go to ‘Settings’, click on your ‘Sodexo Cafeteria Pass’ and turn on the ‘Block temporarily’ button to prevent transactions on your card. You can also reach out to Sodexo Customer Service team. The lost card will be blocked and the available amount would be issued to the cardholder in a replacement card only after the cardholder requests for a replacement card. You can raise a request for the replacement card by logging in on desktop interface.

Yes, you will be charged a card replacement fee as mentioned in your Welcome Letter.

Yes, a card inactive fee as mentioned in your Welcome Letter, will be charged if there is no activity or transactions on the card.

Yes, the card load will be considered as an activity.