Sodexo Cafeteria Pass FAQs

The Sodexo Cafeteria Pass is a fully digital meal benefit solution. This card comes with a 3-year validity and is accepted only at Sodexo-affiliated merchant within your office canteen for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages.

The card is dispatched in an inactive mode for security reasons. The card must be activated before usage.

The unused balance from Sodexo Cafeteria Pass will get lapsed. Your card will be loaded with next month’s credit.

    • The Sodexo Cafeteria Pass is dispatched in an inactive mode for security reasons. The card must be activated before usage which can be done by following some simple instructions mentioned in the welcome kit that you will receive along with the card.


    • Activate your card online by visiting the card activation portal

  • Enter your official registered email address/ mobile number
  • Enter the 12-dgit card reference number (mentioned on the Welcome Letter)
  • Click on ‘Get Activation Code’
  • Provide Officially Valid Document details to complete minimum details KYC
  • Enter activation code (received on email/ SMS)
  • Complete OTP-based mobile number verification
  • Click on ‘Activate Card’
    The Sodexo Cafeteria Pass integrates with Zeta’s digital platform to offer several benefits for employees. Downloading the Zeta app on your smartphone has the following benefits:

  • Multiple ways to pay: Use your Sodexo Cafeteria Pass at online and offline food stores and pay using:
    • QR code – Just scan the QR code at the merchant outlet and punch the amount
    • Shop ID – Enter the merchant’s Shop ID and pay
    • Zeta code – Click on “Zeta Code”, generate an OTP by tapping on the screen, share the OTP with the vendor to pay and you’re done!
  • SuperPIN – It’s alright to forget your static PIN because you have the SuperPIN to your rescue. The SuperPIN is a dynamic PIN that is generated every two minutes on your app
  • Exclusive offers and discounts – Avail exclusive offers and discounts
  • Block and unblock card – Cards can be blocked or unblocked as per your needs
  • Track spends – Real-time in-app notifications on spends and credits
  • Access transaction history – Access transaction history on-the-go
  • Enable/Disable POS/E-Commerce transactions – E-Commerce/POS transactions can be enabled or disabled
  • Transaction Limits – Set transaction limits for payments made through E-Commerce transactions / POS Transactions