National Productivity Day 2024

National Productivity Day - 2024

12 February 2024

National Productivity Day is celebrated throughout India on the 12th of February, every year. Similar to ‘World Productivity Day’ which is celebrated on the first Friday of June every year, the main aim of celebrating National Productivity Day in India is to promote productivity, innovation, efficiency, quality consciousness and as a result, growth, across all sectors of the economy.
This initiative was started by the National Productivity Council (NPC).

‘World Productivity Day’ began being celebrated in the year 1968 and was established by the World Confederation of Productivity Science.

Key takeaways from this blog post - ‘National Productivity Day’ is celebrated all over India in February every year. Its main aim is to encourage and promote productivity leading to economic growth of the country. It was an initiative undertaken by the National Productivity Council established in the year 1958. It is an important day and must be celebrated with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and work hard.

What is the National Productivity Council?
The National Productivity Council is an autonomous organization that was established in the year 1958 under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India and the Government of India. The main aim for the establishment of the NPC was to conduct productivity research. However, in addition to that, they also provide consulting and training services to the government, public and private sector organizations in areas such as Industrial Engineering, Agri-Business, Economic Services, Quality Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, Technology Management, Energy Management, Environmental Management, and others. Their vision is to provide state-of-the-art services to India, making them capable of competing globally and also to contribute to the country's long-term, inclusive socio-economic growth by increasing productivity.
The NPC has been a huge factor in the economic growth of various service sectors in India.
Currently, Shri Piyush Goyal is the President of the council, while Shri Arun Kumar Jha is the Director General.

History of National Productivity Day
The National Productivity Council was established on the 12th of February, 1958. It was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The celebration of National Productivity Day was started as an occasion to commemorate the registration and origin of the National Productivity Council. 
Therefore, National Productivity Day celebrates the anniversary of the National Productivity Council and also encourages people to be more productive. 
The National Productivity Council celebrates the whole week beginning from the 12th of February, National Productivity Day, to the 18th February in the honour of productivity.
Fact- Time, energy and attention are considered to be the 3 pillars of productivity.

Every year, there is a theme for National Productivity Day. The selected theme usually reflects or sheds more light on one of the many benefits/aspects of productivity. Last year, the theme that was chosen was “Productivity, Green Growth, and Sustainability: Celebrating India’s G20 Presidency.” In 2023, the G20 summit was held in Mumbai, India, making this theme extremely apt for the occasion.

In 2024, the theme selected for National Productivity Day is “IDEA: Bringing Communities Forward for Sustainable and Equitable Development.” IDEA here, does not refer to the literal meaning of the word, although it can be interpreted as that- ideas, innovation and as a result, progress. IDEA here stands for “Innovate, Demonstrate, Elevate and Advance.” 
Each word here is very important and holds significance. To “innovate” means to encourage and think of new and creative solutions for problem-solving. Innovation is crucial for the progress and growth of any country. Innovation stands for building something new or finding new methods of doing the same things which happen to be more beneficial, and the young generation are doing a very good job of that. They play an important part in the progress of any country. As someone rightly said, “innovation is you.”

To “demonstrate” is to be an example for others, to show them how to get something done successfully. If the youth of the country have a good example to look up to, they will automatically try to be more like them and better themselves. They will want to be the best versions of themselves and also be more productive. If given enough opportunities to demonstrate their talents, they can really bring about a change, together.

To “elevate” is to bring people up. To help them rise, better themselves and to empower individuals and communities to grow. When people come together and put their minds to something collectively, they are a lot more productive than they would be, alone. Everyone knows the importance of team work. National Productivity Day acts as a great reminder of it. Team work makes the dream work!

To “advance” is to move forward or to progress. Advancement is the very basic essence of National Productivity Day. It encourages individuals to progress and advance towards a better, safe and equitable future. It means to improvise and bring about progress and growth in the social and economic sectors of the country. Advancements are an essential part of the development of any country.

This theme emphasizes the collective effort that is required to bring people together and as a result bring about development, progress and productivity to ensure a bright and sustainable future. 

What can we do in honour of National Productivity Day?
As responsible citizens of India, we must understand the main mission of the celebration of National Productivity Day. We must make sure to put our best feet forward in everything we do and learn more about the importance of productivity and the role it plays in the progress and betterment of a country.
To join in the celebrations of National Productivity Day, we can attend or organize lectures, teach young kids about National Productivity Day, educate ourselves more on it, attend workshops/livestreams and most importantly, work hard and be “productive”! 

Here’s wishing everybody a very happy National Productivity Day!