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Gifting Digital Rewards to Employees This Festive Season

25 August 2023

We reside in a nation which is recognised for its vibrant, diverse cultures that enjoy a variety of seasonal celebrations. According to research, the Indian gifting market is anticipated to grow significantly from $119 million in 2019 to $159 million by 2025.

Businesses can express their gratitude for their employees' efforts by giving gifts. With the employees spread out over the globe and working remotely during the epidemic, a thoughtful corporate gift might be a fantastic way to recognise good work and mark special occasions in this virtual era of hybrid models. The appropriate choice of corporate gift can aid in bridging the gap between employees and employers.

Corporate gifting solutions are the practice of communicating with your employees, clients, or business partners by letting them know they are valued. However, it is more important to establish a touchpoint by corporate gifting solutions. 73% of people think that novelty and packaging are very important when buying corporate presents. Strategic corporate gifting  solutions are helpful since they gratifyingly fulfil the one need that every employee secretly yearns for.

When it comes to encouraging employees to balance their work and personal lives while working from home, the majority of Indian firms use corporate gifting as a component of their employee retention strategy. It overcomes the obstacle of physical distance and aids in the creation of unique experiences for the employees.

Gifting has the same impact on employee benefits as it does on customers, enabling firms to create the ideal culture.

1. E-wallet gifting

E-wallet gift cards are an electronic version of a real gift card that can be emailed to the recipient and used online or in-store. A digital gift card, like a physical gift card, can be loaded with money and spent in smaller amounts or used to cover the cost of a bigger purchase. 80% of people prefer to purchase E-wallet digital gift cards as business gifts. It frequently occurs for businesses to provide their employees complete discretion over corporate presents. These gift cards provide employees and merchants with the opportunity to make purchases based on their preferences.

2. Simplicity, flexibility, and personalisation with digital gift cards

Digital gift cards for employees are a great way for businesses to show appreciation to their employees. With a centralised gateway for corporates with Pluxee, the entire card ordering and issuing procedure is 100% digital and hassle-free. The Pluxee Gift Cards suite, Incentive and Rewards Solutions, provides employers with complete flexibility to pick between real and virtual cards and gifts any amount, anytime, and from anywhere in India, based on the company's reward & recognition requirements. Pluxee gift cards are an excellent alternative for employees during festivals because they give the recipient complete flexibility of choice.

Employee retention and job satisfaction are strongly influenced by management recognition. Pluxee gift cards are intended to offer exceptional quality-of-life experiences, enabling partner companies to inspire and cultivate a pleasant work environment. Businesses should use this chance to create a reputable and employee-welcoming organisation as digital gift cards for employees become an emerging trend. So start building an employee friendly space today!