4 summertime tips to boost employee motivation

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While “motivation” is a major buzzword year-round, when the sun is shining and summer holidays are on our minds, it’s even more crucial to boost motivation in the workplace. In fact, 68% of workers say they daydream more during warm summer days and 63% also admit to leaving the office early. Here are four ways to take advantage of rising temperatures and get productivity on the rise as well .

TIP #1: Be more flexible

>> Flexible space

  • According to the Work Anywhere Survey , nearly ⅔ of the global workforce take advantage of anywhere working
  • 80% of Brazilian employees
  • 78% of Indian employees
  • 75% of Australian employees
  • And only 20% of Japanese employees

>> Flexible Time

  • 39% of workers want flexible schedules during the summertime
  • 83% of employees say that productivity was boosted when given flexible hours
  • 98% of employees think that the ability to work anywhere positively impacts productivity

TIP #2: Institute a casual summer dress code

27% of US office workers would prefer to work for a company with a casual dress code or none at all

70% higher stress levels measured when workers in Japan dressed formally compared to casually

61% of UK workers say they feel more productive with a relaxed dress code

75% of workers in South Korea consider flip flops appropriate summer attire, compared to only 14% globally

TIP #3: Get moving and get outdoors

According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans survey, after launching an employee wellness program:

  • 66% of companies reported increased productivity;
  • 67% said employees were more satisfied at work
  • +50% of businesses saw a drop in absenteeism
  • $40 billion are invested in wellness programs globally
  • 13 million wearable devices will be integrated into workplace wellness programs in 2018
  • 76 % of return on investment attributed to successful wellness programs
  • 1 full work day is gained in increased productivity per month when employees participate in health programs
  • +90 % of business leaders say that promoting wellness can affect employee productivity and performance
  • 76 % of return on investment attributed to successful wellness programs

TIP #4: Embrace “Summer Fridays” (give employees Friday afternoons off)

  • 42 % of Fortune 1000 companies offer Summer Fridays (up from 21% in 2015)
  • 87 % of those who had summer hours said it contributed to a healthy work-life balance
  • 76 % agreed Summer Friday policies effectively boosted productivity

Don’t let the sun-soaked summertime slump hit your office! Helping your employees find better ways to work and providing sizzling incentives will not only boost workplace morale, it will boost productivity during the slower summer months.