Leader’s View On The Gig Economy

Leader’s View On The Gig Economy 00

Chandrashekhar Mukherjee

“We need customised policies made for different people…”, 00

Anil Misra

“AI will help us to move from feel-based to fact-based hiring decision,” 00

Praveer Priyadarshi

“Extensive talent mapping of the industry, with focus on …,” 00

Richard Lobo

“Unions will not pose threat when workforce and business goals are aligned”, 00

Rajesh Padmanabhan

“The future will be a blended model of High-Tech and High-Touch HR” 00

Krish Shankar

“The concept of N=1 is fast gaining ground through technology,” 00

Adil Malia

“In new world of humanoids, the focus has to be on mindsets than on skill-sets” 00