Keep your Workforce Ahead of the Curve with Books and Periodicals Benefit from Sodexo

In the modern competitive environment, employees are constantly being evaluated on their knowledge and skills. And, unlike studying for a degree, the goals at the workplace keep moving. Therefore, employees need to regularly replenish their knowledge and acquire new skills related to their field. They can leverage professional journals, books, research papers, articles, etc. in order to make sure that they are flexible, agile and ready to bring continuous improvement ethos to their workplace.

To aid this growth and learning curve, some organizations facilitate books and periodicals allowance to their employees. Books & Periodicals Allowance is a personal employee benefit that is provided to an employee to meet his/ her expenses towards the purchase of books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc.

In most organizations, the process of reimbursement is mostly done manually. Employees pay for books, magazines, periodicals, journals, or newspapers by using their own debit/ credit card or by cash, collect bills, bring them to office and submit to Admin/ Payroll/ HR/ Finance team for reimbursement. The entire procedure is quite tiresome and involves loads of paperwork, printing, and submission of bills which is quite challenging, especially now when most people are working remotely.

Sodexo Multi-Benefit Card – The Paperless, Fully-Digital Solution

The Books & Periodicals account on the 100% digital Sodexo Multi-Benefit solution is designed for users to purchase books and periodicals to quench their thirst for knowledge on varied subjects like current affairs, business, politics or just about anything as per their corporate policy. Employers can load employee’s account with books & periodicals benefits credits, and he/ she can instantly start using these credits to avail their benefits. Alternatively, employees can upload bills for reimbursements and view and track every transaction on the next-gen Sodexo-Zeta App, thus no last-minute hassles of collecting & submitting paper bills.

Digitization has a clear potential to expand the appeal and effect of employee benefit systems in organizations. Although it all started with simple interfaces for the day-to-day management of HR tasks, today’s systems are more focused and more customized as per the needs of employees exposing them to a cultural practice that connects them together as well as with the organization in ways that enhance the overall workplace experience.

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