Why Meals Are an Integral Part of Employee Engagement in the Hybrid World

The present times require businesses to give employee experience the utmost priority, and one way of ensuring a positive employee experience is by investing in the right employee benefits. However, offices are no longer what they used to be until early 2020. Now, your office can be your living room or your favourite cafe down […]

Evolution of Corporate Gifting

Even the smallest gestures of appreciation, right from early childhood, can always put a smile on another person’s face. There is no doubt that a little appreciation can go a long way, and corporate life is no exception. The concept of corporate gifting solutions has progressed significantly since its inception. The industry has undergone a […]

The Varied Dimensions of Quality Of Life

Dimension of Quality of Life

What started over a year ago has now become the ‘New Normal’. The pandemic altered how everyone functioned and significantly impacted workplace management. From people heading to work every day pre-pandemic, more and more employees are settling into a home-office routine now. And this shift has had a cascading effect across the ecosystem, encouraging business […]