Digitize Employee Wellbeing with Sodexo Multi-Benefit Card

With most workplaces becoming increasingly competitive, employees are prone to various health-related issues. Poor work-life balance, deadlines, combined with a lack of stress management knowhow, and unhealthy eating habits have been identified as some of the key causes of the corporate workforce’s deteriorating health. With that in mind, corporates are jumping onto the well-being bandwagon […]

Digitizing Employee Learning and Development

Employee Learning & Development

Over the past few decades, the perception of the employee has changed from being just a simple human resource to that of a resourceful individual who needs to be trained continuously for the benefit of the organization (and society). This took place due to an increasingly competitive business landscape, rising complexity, and the digital revolution. […]

Keep your Workforce Ahead of the Curve with Books and Periodicals Benefit from Sodexo

In the modern competitive environment, employees are constantly being evaluated on their knowledge and skills. And, unlike studying for a degree, the goals at the workplace keep moving. Therefore, employees need to regularly replenish their knowledge and acquire new skills related to their field. They can leverage professional journals, books, research papers, articles, etc. in […]

Could The Lunch Break be The Way Towards Better BondingaAnd Better Teamwork?

Effective Team Work

Technology has transformed the relationship of employees with their workplace. If they have a decent Wi-Fi connection, they can set up office in a café, their living room or a train carriage. Today this is a reality, and we are living the “work from anywhere” life.  Open space, flex office, work from home, etc all […]

Workplace Meals: Personalisation for Better Management

Personalized Workplace Meals

Employees have long been victims of corporate globalization and as a result, standardization of working conditions. But now, with flex offices, new work from home practices, and new types of jobs, personalization is gaining ground. Soon, there will be as many ways of working as there are employees.  The ball is therefore in the employers’ […]