Digitize Employee Wellbeing with Sodexo Multi-Benefit Card

Digitizing Employee Wellness


Digitizing Employee Learning and Development

learning and development for employees

Over the past few decades, the perception of the employee has changed from being just a simple human resource to that of a resourceful individual who needs to be trained continuously for the benefit of the organization (and society). This took place due to an increasingly competitive business landscape, rising complexity, and the digital revolution. […]

Keep your Workforce Ahead of the Curve with Books and Periodicals Benefit from Sodexo

Books & Periodicals Allowance


Christmas and End-Of-Year Celebration: 3 Ideas Amidst COVID-19

Christmas & New Year Celebration


Could The Lunch Break be The Way Towards Better Bonding And Better Teamwork?

Lunch break

Technology has transformed the relationship of employees with their workplace. If they have a decent Wi-Fi connection, they can set up office in a café, their living room or a train carriage. Today this is a reality, and we are living the “work from anywhere” life. Open space, flex office, work from home, etc all […]

Is Lunch in The Workplace Taking a Break?

Lunch break in workplace

It is always 12.30 pm somewhere in the world; every second, lunch breaks at work are starting in some part of the planet. But over the last decade, they have become increasingly shorter, been skipped, or spent in front of a screen. This is true today more than ever, in the work from the age […]

Workplace Meals: Personalisation for Better Management

Personalised Workplace Meals


Christmas and End-Of-Year Celebration: 3 Ideas Amidst COVID-19

This year, it will most probably be impossible to have a Christmas party or celebration event to thank employees for their hard work and dedication throughout 2020. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to reward your teams! Here are three celebration ideas to close the year with a bang, recognize the […]